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12 Tea-Inspired Costumes

Halloween Mad Hatter Tea Costume Party

Need some inspiration for that Halloween party coming up? We’ve put together 12 tea-inspired costume ideas for us tealovers to parade our affinity for tea in the most punny way possible. This is how we do at Sips by HQ - tea puns all day, every day. Most of these costumes can be put together with found objects around the house so they’re perfect for last minute rallies and throwing a quick costume together. We’re so ready for Halloween, it’s unreal.

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1. Steeping Beauty

Get it?? Dress as Sleeping Beauty, hold a pot of tea - you're now Steeping Beauty.

2. Fifty Shades of Earl Grey

This is an easy one. Take cut outs of 50 different Earl Grey packages and paste/tape them on a shirt or dress. Maybe carry handcuffs. Costume done.

3. Tea-Rex

Dress as a T-Rex, hold a teacup and saucer, and endeavor to drink your tea the entire night.

4. Tea-Swift

Dress as one of the singer's iconic eras or album covers and add props of a teapot and/or teacup (extra points for day old tea).

5. Lady Liber-tea

Dress as Lady Liberty herself, but instead of holding a torch and stone scripture, proudly hold a teapot and cup. Go around serving up liber-tea - the best tasting freedom anyone’s ever had.

6. A Famous Celebri-tea

Dress up as your favorite celebrity or tea brand, drink tea the whole evening. Perfect.

7. Fatali-tea

Dress as a ninja with a cup and saucer, tea pot, and/or ninja star made out of teaspoons for weapons. Call yourself Fatali-tea.

8. Hones-tea

Dress how you like, carry a thermos of tea, and serve doses of hones-tea. The whole evening you have to be absolutely honest. No filter. Say what you think. You do you.

9. Tea Sipper

Carry around a bunch of gossip mags along with your favorite tall glass, and spread that dirt!

10. Generosi-tea

Dress however you like, introduce yourself as Generosi-tea, and hand out teabags. Spread the love. Sharing is caring.

11. The Mad Hatter

A classic, and fun excuse to go crazy with dramatic makeup and possibly serve up some tea (or tea-infused cocktails??) to your party crowd. IN.

12. Anything and Everything Tea

Dress as anything from a tea bag, a cup and saucer, a teapot, tea leaves, the possibili-teas are endless.

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