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Best Mood-Boosting Teas

Best Mood-Boosting Teas at Sips by

While sitting down with a mug of tea is often thought to be calming, many teas are also great for boosting your mood. Opting for a tea that contains caffeine for a mood enhancer or is made with energizing ingredients can help increase your energy, improve concentration, and leave you feeling focused so you can take on the day without feeling jittery or tired.

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Often suggested as an alternative to coffee, the herb yerba mate is part of a group of caffeinated teas made from the holly plant. Yerba mate tea has less caffeine than coffee but still provides an energy boost, leaving you better able to focus on tasks, improving productivity and memory.

Yerba mate also contains two ingredients that are found in coffee and chocolate, theobromine and theophylline, which also act as mild stimulants. In fact, athletes will use yerba mate to increase athletic performance.

Yerba mate is a powerhouse wellness tea, loaded with a variety of nutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols to help keep your body and mind feeling its best.

Try some of our favorite yerba mate teas:


Like yerba mate, guayusa tea is another caffeinated tea made from the holly plant, perfect for getting through a long day. It’s used frequently in South America for energy, and is thought to provide more sustained and long-lasting energy because of the time it takes to release caffeine into your bloodstream, avoiding that post-caffeine crash.

Guayusa tea has a smooth, earthy flavor and is loaded with antioxidants to help protect your body from stress, as well as improving digestion, leaving you ready to take on your day.

Try some of our favorite guayusa teas:


If you’re looking for a caffeine-free tea option to boost your mood and overall health, spearmint tea is a great, stress-free option!

Refreshing and delicious both warm and iced, spearmint tea can help to improve memory and leave you feeling revitalized thanks to its limonene content. A relative of the peppermint plant, the health benefits of this herb extend even beyond your mood. Regular tea consumption can boost your digestion and immune system, and can even help to balance your hormones. Like other herbal teas, it's naturally caffeine-free and helps you focus without any stress. Just breathing in the revitalizing aroma of spearmint tea can help you feel refreshed.

Try some of our favorite spearmint teas:


Lemon balm, though it actually belongs to the mint family, produces a slightly sweet cup of tea with a delightful hint of lemon. Among its many health benefits, this tea is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, support brain health, alleviate digestive problems, treat infections and prevent heart disease. Wow!

A go-to for alternative medicine, research shows that drinking lemon balm tea significantly lowers stress levels. Along with reducing anxiety and promoting sleep, in one study, researchers found that this herbal tea can boost your mood and cognitive function. After a long day, drink a cup of citrusy lemon balm tea for its soothing effects and health benefits, before easing into well-deserved sleep.

We recommend combining it with honey and a squeeze of lemon juice for a tasty, mood-boosting cup of tea. Try it with some of our favorite lemon balm teas:


Made from Japanese green tea leaves that are ground into a fine powder, matcha is a unique type of tea with many physical and mental health benefits. Instead of being steeped, matcha is typically mixed in hot water using a bamboo whisk (called a "chasen").

Matcha contains even more caffeine and antioxidants than drinking green tea to further enhance your mood and energy boost. Because it’s made from the whole leaf, when you drink this tea you’re getting all the benefits of the Camellia sinensis plant in every sip.

Regular tea consumption is said to help with attention, reaction time and memory. Like green tea, it also contains L-theanine, which supplies sustainable energy boost with a calming effect, rather than increasing stress or anxiety.

Plus, it contains a special type of antioxidant called catechins, which are awesome for brain health. Power up your morning or get a mid-afternoon boost by blending up a Growing Green Matcha Smoothie.

Try some of our favorite matcha teas:


Maca is actually a type of vegetable, the powdered form from which is used to make tea. It's considered to be an adaptogen, which means that it adapts to your body’s individual needs.

Rich in antioxidants, maca tea is popular for its ability to help you feel more awake, focused, and energized. Maca root powder is even used as a supplement by athletes to help boost performance and endurance. Plus, it's a great natural mood-booster and helps improve symptoms of anxiety. Drink a nutty, toasty cup of maca tea to induce relaxation and enhance cognitive function.

Try one of our favorite maca teas or maca-infused honey:


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