Which Type of Witch Are You?

Which Type of Witch Are You


Spooky season is back which means it’s time to get cozy with a mug of hot tea and spend the crisp autumn nights (re)watching all of your favorite supernatural movies and tv shows. Halloween is when all of the vampires, ghosts, and werewolves come out of hiding, but what’s the best magical creature of the season? Witches, obviously! Modern witches are no longer the evil, misunderstood green creatures of the past rocking pointy black hats. Instead, they’re independent, charming, and powerful women like the witches we know and love from classics such as Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, and Charmed.

Have a sneaking suspicion that you might have an uncanny connection with one of your favorite tv witches? We’re pretty psychic, so we’ve cast a spell this season to reveal which type of witch you are — and all we need is your favorite tea and a little clairvoyance to help you embrace your inner witch.


Read about your favorite teas below for a witchy surprise.

White Tea: You don’t need loads of caffeine to make it through the day because you run off of your own powers! White tea is completely unique, minimally processed, and often known for having a sweet, elegant, and floral aroma like this Sage Rose White Tea blend by Wight Tea Co.

Magical Witch Match: White tea lovers are most like Glinda the Good Witch from Wicked. Glinda is known for being whimsical and giving off positive vibes, but she’s also never afraid to completely be herself. Like the lasting flavor and powerful aroma of white tea, evil foes shouldn’t make the mistake of underestimating Glinda in a magical battle.

Green Tea: Do you love fall walks with crunchy leaves underfoot, feel connected to nature, or have a house full of plants? Then you must gravitate towards the strong and delicate flavors of a classic mug of green tea or find these magical Matcha Green Tea Drops pretty enchanting.

Magical Witch Match: If the earthy and buttery taste of a rejuvenating mug of green tea speaks to you, your inner witch is Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Willow is the best friend a teenage vampire slayer could ask for: she’s sweet, a fantastic listener, and always comes up with a creative solution to her friend’s problems — all while juggling her own witchy powers!

Herbal Tea: Herbal teas are broad and experimental, ranging from potions made with dandelion root, ginger, lemon, and peppermint to lavender, chamomile, and rose. Herbal teas are surprising and unexpected to match changing moods and seasons, but once you find your favorite flavor you’re likely to stick with it. If you love herbal tea, we recommend trying out the forest foraged brews Cherry Vanilla by Tea Head and Teeccino’s Tremella Tulsi Mushroom Adaptogen Herbal Tea.

Magical Witch Match: If your favorite blend is a minty, woodsy, or floral herbal tea, your perfect witch match is Piper Halliwell from Charmed. Gravitating towards the sleek and simple doesn’t mean that you don’t like experimenting with different flavors and switching up your style. You’re also known for being dependable, caring, and always there for your loved ones (even when you might disagree with them!).

Oolong: Oolong is a refreshing, fragrant, and complex tea that strikes a balance between unoxidized green teas and oxidized black teas. Oolong brews are a bright, fragrant, and rich tea that requires a masterful artisan throughout the demanding and complicated creation process. For a dynamic brew that encompasses the best of both worlds, we suggest this delicately crafted Raspberry Rose Oolong from Tea Head.

Magical Witch Match: Oolong tea lovers are bound to share characteristics with Hermione Granger, the cleverest witch in Harry Potter. Hermione is a powerful witch with layers, as she’s sophisticated, smart, always prepared, and available to help a friend.

Black Tea: If your favorite type of tea is a bold, black brew then you must be a go-getter who hustles to get stuff done, and you’re not afraid to bend some rules to get what you want, either. The perfect way to get a jump start on your days full of bewitching is with Aesthete Tea’s Amber Dawn.

Magical Witch Match: Your inner witch is Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus. Like Winnie, you’re a straightforward and sassy leader who speaks her mind and encourages those around her to be bold and stand up for themselves (you’re also known for your amazing sarcastic comebacks).

Flavored Black Tea: Do you always go for a fun and fruity black tea, spicy chai, or order everything pumpkin spice as soon as summer is over? Then flavored black teas like Ahmad Tea’s Mango Magic or Blackcurrant Burst are the only brew that’ll do for you.

Magical Witch Match: Be honest, do you sometimes wish you had a talking cat? If you say yes while sipping a pumpkin spice tea latte, then consider Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina the Teenage Witch your witchy equivalent. When it comes down to it, you’re an outgoing and trendy leader who enjoys a little kick of spice in her life.

Pu-erh: Pu-erh is a brew that only gets better with age, so if this classic tea is your favorite then you might often be told you’re a wise, old soul at heart. Pu-erh is known for its healing, medicinal properties and smooth, mellow flavor.

Magical Witch Match: Aggie Cromwell, the central guide and catalyst from Halloweentown, is your compelling inner witch. Like pu-erh tea, you have a calming presence that is both sweet and dark, your love language is quality time, and you think Halloween is (obviously) the best day of the year.



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