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Warm Welcomes: Hosting Guests with Tea

Warm Welcomes: Hosting Guests with Tea

‘Tis the season for cozy fires, endless cookies, and frantically cleaning to get your house ready for visitors. But hosting family and friends for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. Tea can be a great tool to help make guests feel at home. And what better way is there to wind down with guests than over a cup of tea at night, staying up late to catch up on the moments you’ve missed over the year.

We’ve compiled some of our best tips, tricks, and recipes to help make you feel like the Barefoot Contessa.

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We love how personal tea is -- there are so many flavors and varieties and infinite possibilities. Build a tea pantry with tea for every occasion. Your guests will love being able to choose from your library of teas. Line up your choices in a cupboard or store them in a tea rack for a boutique experience.


With the advent of Etsy and the renewed popularity of ceramic art, there’s no excuse not to stock your home with beautiful mugs. Let your guests select a mug from your collection to be theirs while they stay with you, or put one in their room that reminds you of them. What better way to make your guests feel special and cared for?


Set up your guest room like a luxurious hotel suite. Leave your guests a bathrobe, turn down the sheets, and lay out a special tea tray. You can include a mug, teas, honey, an infuser -- anything you think will make a satisfying tea experience. For bonus points, put an electric kettle in your guest room. Sometimes, it can be awkward as a guest to be the first awake. Why not let guests make tea and wake up in their own rooms, allowing them a relaxed and reflective start to their day during a hectic holiday season.


Help your guests feel pampered by making one of these DIY bath teas, perfect for visitors who want to unwind over the holidays. A little aromatherapy goes a long way. Learn more.


Speaking of aromatherapy, stock your guest room with these tea scented candles. Their soothing scent will help your guests feel at home in an unfamiliar environment. Scents like cinnamon and spice feel particularly festive and homey. Learn more.


Not into open flames? Fair! Why not make your own tea scented air freshener. Be wary of overpowering smells for sensitive guests, but a subtle scent is a nice welcome. Learn more.


Is there anything better than waking up to the smell of French toast in the morning? Make your guests a cozy breakfast with this tea-infused French toast recipe to pair with their morning mug. Start the day off right, whether you’re heading out to sightsee or finishing last minute Christmas shopping. Learn more.

The most important thing to remember is to take the time to appreciate your visitors. Don’t get so caught up in being the perfect hostess that you forget to enjoy the company. Pour a cup of tea and share together.

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