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Top Rated Teas to Pair With Your Christmas Cookies

Teas to Pair with Christmas Cookies

There’s no better way to spark up a bit of holiday spirit than by baking up batches of Christmas cookies, decorating them with family and friends, and sharing comforting cups of tea together. Celebrate the magic of the season with quality time, cookies, and tea! Because fresh cookies baking in the oven even smells like Christmas, we gathered up a list of top rated teas that taste like cookies too. Read below for our ultimate list of the best teas to pair with eight of your favorite Christmas cookies this season!

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Gingerbread Cake (Pinky Up)


Price: $14

Can’t wait for your fresh batch of gingerbread men to finish baking in the oven? To pass the time, we recommend steeping a cup of Pinky Up’s rich in flavor Gingerbread Cake tea. Just like gingerbread cookies, this tea is an addicting blend of mellow spices and sweet brown sugar with subtle hints of molasses.


Almond Cookie (Cookie Tea)


Price: $17

This fruit, nut, and spice cookie blend will remind you of the excitement of Christmas and freshly baked sweets from your childhood kitchen with its delicious aroma and taste. Snowball cookies are tasty powdered sugar cookies with a unique sweet and nutty flavor, and whether you make your snowballs with pecans, walnuts, or almonds this fresh, caffeine-free Almond Cookie tea will complement your family’s recipe perfectly.



Christmas Morning (Chariteas)


Price: $11

This spiced rooibos blend showcases the smooth flavors of organically-grown cocoa nibs. Masterfully crafted to be both calming and uplifting, Christmas Morning brings to mind that warm blissful feeling of lazy mornings spent with loved ones. With flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and mint this kid-friendly tea is best when shared, just like a batch of cheerful peanut butter blossom cookies.



Sugar Cookie (Pinky Up)


Price: $14

Sugar cookies are an understated Christmas classic. You can dye them every color of the rainbow and cut them into any seasonal shape your heart desires. They’re the most versatile cookies of the season and so is this tea! Sugar Cookie by Pinky Up is reminiscent of freshly iced cookies in a cup of irresistible tea. And why not double the fun by sipping on a cup of this delectable tea with a freshly baked sugar cookie?



Snickerdoodle (Teeccino)


Price: $14

Snickerdoodle cookies satisfy our cravings for soft holiday spices and so does this sweet and creamy caffeine-free Snickerdoodle tea, crafted by Teeccino with a spike of cinnamon over organic roasted carob, chicory, almond, dates and figs.


Peppermint Black (Churchill’s Fine Teas)


Price: $10

Peppermint patty cookies are sweet and simple to make around the holidays with a dash of red and green sprinkles. Pair these tempting treats with Peppermint Black by Churchill’s Fine Teas, a Ceylon black tea blended with organic peppermint leaves.



Spread Cheer (Teamotions)


Price: $25

Meringue cookies are a light, sweet, and creamy treat any time of the year, but around the holidays why not have some fun by dyeing these treats green and decorating them like Christmas trees! If you find baking fun and relaxing, while you’re decorating you can also find extra calm in a warm cup of tea. Spread Cheer by Teamotions combines balancing ashwagandha in a heartwarming blend of black tea, cranberry, citrus, and cinnamon.


Fireside Fig (Wight Tea Co)


Price: $20

Chocolate chip cookies win the place of everyone’s favorite any day of the year, but trust us, these cookies pair perfectly with a warm mug of Wight Tea Co’s Fireside Fig around the holidays. This wintery tea is a cozy, caffeine-free combination of honeybush tea with fig, cinnamon, and ginger. This Christmas we might even leave out a restorative cup of this tea by the chimney for Santa instead of milk!



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