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Better Together: Tea and Yoga

Better Together: Yoga and Tea from Sips by with two women doing yoga on the beach at sunset

Have you been wondering about fresh ways to integrate health and wellness into your daily routine? One of the most popular and accessible wellness practices you can start at anytime is yoga. If you’ve never tried yoga before, it’s versatile and easy to practice from home because you can do as little as 10 minutes to an hour each day.

But even if you’re already a practiced yogi or just starting out, do you know what might be missing from your daily yoga rou-tea-ne (wink wink)? A warm cup of tea not only helps with an essential part of your wellness journey on its own but it is the perfect way to enhance your yoga experience!

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While there’s no official connection between yoga and tea, people have discovered the numerous wellness benefits of blending the two. It’s common for yoga studios to serve tea to their students after a class to help them gradually bridge the gap between the yoga session and reentering the world. Drinking a cup of tea helps with this transition because yoga makes you feel centered and relaxed, and it can feel harsh immediately reentering the hustle and bustle of life and daily routine.

However, drinking tea is also just as beneficial to have before your yoga session, or you can do both! To prepare for your yoga session, drink an energizing tea that will clear your mind and help you focus, like an authentic yogi tea. Yogi tea is a traditional spiced tea from India that combines a black tea base with healthful Ayurvedic spices.

Yoga and tea both provide opportunities for gratitude, warmth, and rejuvenation. Yoga is a focused exercise that teaches you to be disciplined and mindful. It’s a simple and well-rounded way to slow down and gain moments of peace while building strength and flexibility. Similarly, drinking a warm cup of tea is another way to give attention to your body and mind by embracing simple moments filled with peace and restoration. When paired together, yoga and tea can lead to an enriching wellness routine and a mindful lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Yoga and Tea

On top of the mental and spiritual benefits, yoga also improves your circulation, alleviates pain, reduces stress, helps your respiratory system, increases your flexibility, makes your spine stronger over time, and reduces the risk of getting heart disease. If you’re a beginner at yoga, it’s likely that you’ll be sore at first but drinking tea, especially green tea, can help alleviate soreness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants and restorative properties in tea can also provide hydration and aid in recovery which are key to a well-rounded exercise routine.

Tea and Meditation

For an added level of wellness and relaxation before or after your yoga routine, try meditating while drinking your tea. Controlled, deep breathing is an essential part of yoga and tea can help you practice with its calming and aromatherapeutic properties. While you begin to make the tea, simply slow down, clear your mind, and focus on your movements (from boiling the water to pouring the tea) and connect your breathing to the routine. Once you’ve made the tea, even holding on to the warm cup between your hands or to your heart while slowly breathing in the aroma can be a simple meditation!

Best Teas for Morning Yoga

When you decide to do yoga influences the type of tea you should be drinking. If you practice yoga in the morning, choose an invigorating tea like a ginger blend, oolong, black tea, chai, or a classic yogi tea.

Sips by Tea Box Exclusive: Rich & Robust Morning Vitality by Yogi

Ginger Tea Sips by Tekola


Price: $8

A premium blend of 100% pure Ceylon Black Tea with natural ginger root. Robust, flavorful and invigorating with the spicy sweetness of ginger. Sweeten with honey or sugar. Delicious at tea time or anytime. From savory to sweet, ginger is a warming ingredient in nearly every cuisine.

Classic Chai Sips by Davidson's Organic Teas


Price: $10

Davidson's Classic Chai is a fragrant and spicy black tea brew that pays tribute to a classic Indian tea tradition. It combines robust spices with a base of malty Assam black tea.


Organic Moringa Energy Tea - Orange Passionfruit Sips by Miracle Tree


Price: $10

Goodbye coffee, hello moringa! Zest up sleepy mornings with this energetic moringa, orange, and passion fruit tea infusion. The citrusy flavors are perfect for a fresh start to the day. This refreshing and delicious infusion has more caffeine than a cup of coffee and is powered by nutrient-dense moringa.


Best Teas for Evening Yoga

If you do yoga in the evenings, make sure to wind down with jasmine tea or herbal blends like mint, chamomile, or lavender.

Chamomile Herbal Tea Sips by Cherry Valley Organics

chamomile-herbal-blend loose leaf tea

Price: $20

Drinking this fresh, Pennsylvania-grown Chamomile Herbal Tea is like snuggling up on your couch with a warm blanket for some quiet relaxation time. Full-bodied floral aroma with hints of apple.

Organic Jasmine Green Tea Sips by Shangri La Teas


Price: $10

Night-blooming jasmine flowers are used to scent this super fine organic green tea. Fragrant and enchanting with a sparkling mouthfeel and delicate floral flavor, this fine jasmine green tea provides an exceptional and healthful way to add pleasure to any day.


Organic Mint Sage Tea Sips by Choice Organics


Price: $6

Cool and lively, Mint Sage is a creative take on a classic blend. Refreshing mint is complemented by earthy, floral notes with a bright and aromatic finish.


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