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How To Use Tea To Connect With Your Partner

Tea is way more than just a delicious drink. Tea is enjoyed in countless ways all around the world (in fact, there are 24 million ways to make a cup of tea!) but at its heart tea is a way to connect with people and yourself. When life gets busy, it can be easy to take the people we care about most for granted, forgetting to intentionally give and receive enough communication, affirmation, and attention.

Yet, a shared pot of cozy tea brings people together for conversation, reminding us to slow down, be present, and enjoy the little things in life. This valuable practice can be an essential reminder and tool to use to increase connection in your personal relationships. Whether it’s making your partner a cup of tea or using tea to carve out quality time, here are 8 ways you can connect with your partner using the power of tea!


Surprise them with tea

Bring your partner their favorite iced or hot tea drink from your local coffee shop.

Learn their love language

Use tea to learn and support your partner’s love language. For instance, if receiving gifts is your partner’s love language, buy them a new tea you know they’ll love. Or, if their love language is quality time, carve out space in your day to share a cup of tea together. These small acts ensure that your partner feels seen, heard, and loved which deepens and maintains genuine connection in a relationship.

Plan a tea date

Plan a special afternoon tea date with your partner. An afternoon tea is the perfect example of taking the time to truly enjoy fantastic food, tea, and company!

Be thoughtful

Make your partner an unexpected cup of tea when they’re working or seem stressed. This small gesture is a simple and thoughtful act that will remind them how much they’re cared for.

Leave them notes

Even if you don’t drink tea but your partner does, leave sweet notes on their favorite teas so the next time they go to make a cup they’ll be surprised! If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, this is also a creative and fun way to compliment them and tell them how much they mean to you.

Give them a personal gift

Use a picture of the two of you to make a photo mug they can drink their tea out of and think of you!

Intentional communication

Pursue intentional communication by drinking tea together without distractions from technology. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes while you drink your tea, this intention to really listen and give each other your full attention will become a valued space to reconnect.

Stay curious

If you both love tea, use tea time to keep learning new things about your partner and tea. Ask questions about your partner’s tea preferences or share interesting facts you’ve learned about tea! You’ll bond over something you both love and it’ll remind you to stay connected by learning new things about each other every day.


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