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How to Make a Vision Board

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Looking to start your new year off on the right foot? Dreaming, setting manifestations, and visualizing can be downright powerful. One of the best ways to do this is with a vision board. Creating a space where you can see your dreams and visions for the future can help you get unstuck while also inspiring creativity, leading to more productivity and self-confidence. The vision board can also allow you to share your inspiration with others, creating meaningful connections and boosting your motivation. Whether you’re looking to make your first vision board or hoping to step up your game and get more creative with your current set-up, we’ve got you covered. Why not craft your way into an empowering 2020?


  • Inspiring mementos or personal photos
  • Fun art supplies like watercolors, gel pens, stickers, and washi tape
  • Stencils or letter stickers for quotes and words of inspiration
  • Magazines to find words and images that are meaningful to your goals
  • Affirmations and quotes that you’re currently connecting with
  • A cork board, bulletin board, or poster board to use as your canvas
  • A cup of tea or a glass of wine and a candle; anything you might need to set the mood

When you're picking out your supplies, think about where you are going to display your vision board. If you’d like, you can stick to a particular color scheme or style to match your current decor. Remember that this is your vision board, so you can allow yourself to get creative and create what you desire. Creating a vision board can also be a great opportunity to socialize, and you may find that you’re able to be more imaginative and collaborative if you host a vision board making party, have a couple of close friends or colleagues over to create your vision board, or include vision board making as part of a healing tea ceremony.


  • Take a moment to think about what you want your vision board to reflect. Would you like to focus on creating inspiration and goals for the next few months, the next year, or are you setting long-term goals? Do you want your vision board to offer inspiration for all areas of your life, or are you focusing on one aspect of your life? Some things to keep in mind include career aspirations, family goals, values, health and wellness, self-care and stress relief goals, home, travel, and new things that you want to learn. Rather than just thinking about these goals, focus on how you want to feel, which is often easier to connect with.
  • Before you begin tackling your vision board, take a step back and create a list of goals and intentions. From here, you can begin to brainstorm what quotes, affirmations, and images you can use to represent achieving these goals or demonstrating these values, and how you want achieving them to make you feel. Don’t be afraid to get too specific here; even if you don’t include everything on your vision board, the simple act of writing down your goals and intentions is powerful in and of itself, and can help get you into the headspace to get started on your vision board.
  • From here, allow your creativity to spring forward! Highlight what truly matters to you by arranging your images, quotes, and words, handwriting affirmations, and decorating with your craft supplies in a way that feels uplifting and inspirational to you.
  • Once your vision board is complete, display it in an area that you’re in often, to allow yourself a few moments to allow yourself to visualize your goals everyday. You can also use your vision board as something to refer back to to monitor your progress as you move towards your goals, and to give you ideas on what you might need to focus a little more time on each week.


  • Create a virtual vision board (or organize meaningful pictures and quotes to transform into a physical vision board using a site like Pinterest or Trello. One benefit of creating online vision boards is that they’re super easy to change, and it’s truly endless how many you can create.
  • Use a journal or accordion book to create a portable vision board. You can also create mini visions boards in your planner or bullet journal for a mini dose of daily visualization.
  • Take things beyond the board by pinning things to your wall, framing meaningful images and quotes to create a vision board gallery wall, or create a vision board banner by clipping photos to strand of ribbon or yarn.

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