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How to Become a Tea Drinker

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Maybe you’ve heard about all the benefits of tea, or are looking to swap out your daily cup of coffee for a little something different. Maybe you started off 2023 with a resolution to drink less coffee, hydrate more, or become a tea drinker. A great thing about tea is that there are so many different varieties. Even if you’ve tried tea before but just couldn’t get into it, chances are that you can totally become a tea drinker. Here are some of our best tips for getting your sip on.

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The world of tea is vast - and can be overwhelming - which is why it's so necessary to experiment to discover the types of tea that taste best to you. One of the best ways to do this is with a Sips by subscription - you’ll receive 4 teas chosen for you each month. It's a great way to try a sip to see which flavors and varieties of tea you’d like to explore more of. If you’re a little wary about the taste of tea, you might prefer a dessert tea, or opt for an herbal tea sticking to flavors you’re already familiar with, like peppermint or hibiscus. Chai can be another great one to grab, as chai spices are comforting and reminiscent of other cozy drinks. Try a sampling of different types of chai with Sips by's Chai Box. If you’d like to get into more traditional types of tea, white tea tends to be the mildest and sweetest, whereas black tea tends to be the boldest. Other teas like green tea and oolong tend to fall in the middle.

The brewing method can also have an impact on the taste of your tea. Common issues include using overly hot water or steeping the tea for too long, which can create a bitter-tasting cup. Follow the directions on the tea packet, or use this simple tea steeping guide to help you get the best flavors out of your blend. If you’ve only ever had bagged tea, you might also want to give loose leaf tea a try, as loose leaf teas can provide more depth of flavor. It might sound a little more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be: if you don’t have a strainer, a muslin tea bag works great, and makes brewing loose leaf almost as simple as using tea bags.

Keep It Simple

While there are certainly plenty of fun tea gadgets and teas to explore, tea time really doesn’t need to be complicated: there are many simple tea prep methods that make it super easy to enjoy a cup without too much worry or time. Really, all you need is a way to boil water, whether it’s a kettle or a pot on the stove, and something to sip your tea from. In a pinch, you can even make tea in the microwave. If you’d like something completely foolproof, try tea crystals, which allow you to enjoy a cup of hot or iced tea instantly, without having to wait for steeping: try Pique Tea’s Earl Grey or Cusa Tea’s Organic Oolong Tea.  You can also opt for instant teas that contain the tea and sweetener all in one convenient single-serving like Tea Drops’ Citrus Ginger or take the prep work out of matcha with Jade Leaf Matcha.

Make It a Habit

We all know consistency is a great way to incorporate a new habit into your routine, so let yourself consider when enjoying a cup of tea would work best for you. If you typically start your day off with a cup of coffee and would like to replace this, perhaps you’d like to switch to an energy-boosting cup of tea in the morning.  Or maybe you’re looking for a mid-afternoon sweet treat or a way to unwind before bed. Whatever you choose, try to look for a way to make tea drinking work for you.

Best-Tasting Tea for Beginners

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