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8 Holiday Recipes With a Cozy Tea Twist

8 Holiday Recipes With a Cozy Tea Twist from Sips by

If you’re staying home for the holidays or you have a holiday par-tea to prepare for, these seasonal recipes make spirits bright for any holiday occasion. From holiday desserts to merry tea-infused drinks and surprising appetizers fit for a feast, celebrate the season with these classic holiday recipes with a surprising tea twist. ‘Teas the season to eat, drink, and be merry!

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Jolly Drinks

Peppermint Tea Twist

This Peppermint Tea Twist is the perfect cocktail for a small holiday get together to celebrate the season right. Peppermint liqueur is a wonderful complement to black tea, and the caffeine in black tea will help you ride off that post-feast drowsiness. This peppermint-y cocktail is also super festive, especially when garnished with a mini candy cane!

Eggnog Chai Latte

This holiday season why not spice up this classic cold drink by making your own easy eggnog chai latte at home! This hot drink is still smooth and creamy with an added kick of spice that perfectly complements the sweetness of the eggnog. Plus, this fragrant festive treat will keep you warm and cozy on chilly winter nights.

Holiday Punch

This holiday punch seriously packs, well, a punch! This 10-minute holiday punch is easy to throw together to impress at any holiday occasion. Plus, this punch is spiked with black tea or oolong tea to mellow out and bring all the classic seasonal flavors like cranberry and orange merrily together.

Festive Feast

Chai Poached Apricots + Plums

Wow your holiday par-tea guests with an appetizer of tasty chai poached fruit paired with a charcuterie board of delicious meat and cheese. This sophisticated dish brings together spicy, flavorful chai and sweet fruit. The poaching process infuses the fruit with tea, making every bite one to savor.

Sweet Potato Casserole

This cozy and comforting marshmallow sweet potato mash is an iconic holiday dish, and of course, we snuck some tea in there. The flavors of sweet potato, pecan, and black tea blend beautifully, yielding a sweet but nutty dish that isn’t sure if it’s meant for the main course or dessert.

Let It Snow Sweets

Candy Cane Crush Brownies

This crowd pleasing sweet treat will automatically fill you with holiday cheer! Infused with DAVIDsTEA Candy Cane Crush black tea, or your favorite peppermint tea, these frosted brownies are a rich, fudgy indulgence that will having you singing Christmas carols and wrapping presents before you can say Jingle Bells.

Earl Grey Crème Brûlée

That crisp, crackling sugar shell and thick layer of sweet, fluffy cream is calling your name! You'll be surprised to find out just how easy it is to make a decadent creme brûlée right in your own kitchen. Blow your friends and family away with this impressive dessert with a cozy Earl Grey twist this holiday season.

Maple Sweet Potato Pie

This delight of a pie is a bit different from the other sweet potato pies you may have seen. Boasting hidden flavors of maple and rooibos tea, this version is absolutely delectable. It’s the perfect festive pie for your holiday get-together!

Holiday Market

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Holiday Market


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