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10 Bone-Chilling, Hand-Warming Tea Gifts for the Halloween-Obsessed

October Pumpkins and Halloween Tea in Witch Mug

There’s a chill in the air. The nights grow longer. It’s time to unleash your Halloween spirit. 

This spooky season, we're here with tea-themed Halloween gifts to treat yourself or the tea lover in your life. From haunting tea blends to unearthly teaware, we have the perfect tea gifts for the Halloween-obsessed.

Sips by is the #1 rated tea club. Made by tea lovers for tea lovers, our personalized tea discovery box matches you with 4 new premium teas chosen from thousands of top-rated teas based on your unique taste preferences. Learn more about our tea of the month club.

Hallow's Eve by Tranquili-Tea loose leaf tea

1Hallow's Eve by Tranquili-Tea


An all-organic seasonal black tea blended with fruity apricot and orange pieces with a comforting dash of cinnamon and vanilla.

Sips by Magic Tea Box

2Magic Tea Box


Do you believe in magic? We've opened our secret Spellbook of tea potions, and selected a few of our favorites just for you! In this box, you’ll find color-changing and sparkling glitter teas that are as fun to brew as they are to sip.

Sips by Magic Tea Collection

3Magic Tea Collection


Sipp-ity boppity boo! This Magic Tea Collection is extra-enchanting and contains enough color-changing and sparkling glitter tea that magically, your mug will never be empty.

Pinky Up Cat Mug

4Cat Mug


This purrfect mug is the cat's meow. We aren't kitten. This spooky mug is almost as good as curling up with an actual black cat in your lap. 

Pink Citrus Magik loose leaf tea sample

5Pink Citrus Magik by Tea Kitten


This fruity, citrusy green tea blend channels your inner sorceress with a magikal ingredient that turns this brew into a playful pink delight (make sure to get a bright blue flower in each brew!).

Glass Crescent Moon Galaxy Teapot

6Glass Teapot (Moon, Heart, Star)


Let your tea be the star of the show with this bewitching galaxy glass infuser teapot. Watch your tea leaves dance as you steep your tea potions to the perfect hue. Pick from a gold-accented moon, heart, or star porcelain lid.

Glimmering Dusk glitter loose leaf tea by Magic Moon Sips by Exclusive Tea

7Glimmering Dusk by Magic Moon


Be bewitched by this caramel black tea elixir mixed with a mysterious moon glitter. Spelled to energize and delight, this caffeinated tea unleashes a touch of magic when brewed with its hypnotic golden glimmer swirling in the darkening dusk of your cup.

Ghoulish Delight by Trader Nicks Tea

8Ghoulish Delight by Trader Nicks Tea


Whenever candlelights flicker and the air is deathly still, that is the time when Ghoulish Delight tea is near! Now we don’t want to frighten you prematurely, but this devilishly delicious tea is just perfect for a swinging wake out by the graveyard. 

Iridescent Double-Wall Glass Mug

9Iridescent Double-Wall Glass Mug


This glass mug's double-wall design keeps your tea hot longer while the exterior wall stays cool to the touch. The iridescent shine makes every cup of tea magical. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Yazoo Yaupon Delta Magic tea pouch

10Yazoo Yaupon Delta Magic


This unique tea balances floral notes of lavender with a light coconut flavor for a refreshing tea. The versatility of this caffeinated herbal tea makes it a staple for tea lovers all year long, especially for lavender fans.

Magic Tea Shop

Do you believe in magic? Just in time for spooky season, we opened our secret Spellbook of tea potions, and selected a few of our favorites just for you! Shop color-changing and enchanting teas, teas that go bump in the night, and more teas that make the ordinary feel a little extra magical.

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