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Gift Guide: Holiday Flavored Teas

Here at Sips by, we love tea year round. But we have to admit, there's something special about tea during the holiday season. We drink blends that taste like sugar cookies and add cinnamon spice to everything for a few magical weeks. So if you have a yearning for teas that taste like the holidays, here's your guide to the best holiday flavored teas.

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Christmas Tea by Davidson's Organic Teas at Sips by

Christmas Tea

Davidson's Organic Teas

$8 each

Christmas Tea is a magical combination of seasonal spices with a robust base of organic black tea and cinnamon-spice finish. Synonymous with holiday activities and good cheer to bring you the best of the season.

Deck The Hills by CatSpring Yaupon at Sips by

Deck The Hills

CatSpring Yaupon


Slow down this season and savor the warmth and simplicity of this limited edition holiday blend. Infused with spices, pumpkins, and apples, there's no better way to close out the year. Yaupon is the only caffeinated herb native to the U.S.!

Spread Cheer by Teamotions at Sips by

Spread Cheer



Manage stress with balancing ashwagandha in a heartwarming blend of black tea, cranberry, citrus, and cinnamon.


Holiday Chai - Stash Tea at Sips by

Holiday Chai

Stash Tea


Made with premium black tea and warm spices, you’ll love the classic holiday flavors of gingerbread and sweet rum in this festive take on traditional chai. Add a splash of milk and sugar for a creamy treat.

Gingerbread Cake - Pinky Up at Sips by

Gingerbread Cake

Pinky Up


Sugar and spice and everything nice? You must be talking about this gingerbread cake tea. Rich in flavor, this is your go-to, guilt-free, another-cup-please, treat.

Be Merry - Teamotions at Sips by

Be Merry



Stay healthy this holiday season with immune-boosting astragalus root in a joyous blend of green tea, peppermint leaves, and dark chocolate.

White Christmas - Stash Tea at Sips by

White Christmas

Stash Tea


As you dream of sleigh rides and cozying up by the fire this holiday season, tantalize your senses with a cup of delicate white tea paired with refreshing Pacific Northwest peppermint and ginger root. A jolly blend of delicate white tea, Pacific Northwest peppermint, and warming ginger.

Almond Cookie - Cookie Tea at Sips by

Almond Cookie

Cookie Tea


This fruit, nut, and spice blend will bring you back to your favorite childhood bakery with its delicious aroma and taste. This tea is caffeine-free.

Peppermint Macaron - Pinky Up at Sips by

Peppermint Macaron

Pinky Up


Whether you're in the holiday spirit or not, this Peppermint Macaron tea is sure to perk you up. So delicious, you'll be reaching for this flavor, no matter the season. This tea is caffeine-free.

Spiced Winter Red - teapigs at Sips by

Spiced Winter Red



The best bits of winter in a cup. Mulled wine and mistletoe. Winter coats and rosy cheeks. Log fires, happy cats and old movies on the telly. Tea and warming spices. A blend of orange peel, cinnamon and cloves on a rooibos tea base - perfect on a crisp frosty day.

Gingerbread Roasted Herbal Tea - teeccino at Sips by

Gingerbread Roasted Herbal Tea



Ginger adds its exciting zing with a bread-like under-note to organic roasted chicory, carob, almonds, dates and figs for a gingerbread taste.

Dark Chocolate Cookie - Cookie Tea at Sips by

Dark Chocolate Cookie

Cookie Tea


This black tea blend is like enjoying decadent dark chocolate cookies - enjoy on its own or make into a scrumptious latte with your favorite milk.

Sugar Cookie - Pinky Up at Sips by

Sugar Cookie

Pinky Up


Freshly iced cookies and a cup of tea, is there anything better? How about combining the two! This delectable tea lets you skip dessert, without skipping the flavor.

Herbal Christmas - Davidson's Organic Teas at Sips by

Herbal Christmas

Davidson's Organic Teas


Herbal Christmas Tea combines seasonal spices with a base of South African rooibos to create an all-herbal version of their popular Christmas Tea. Davidson's Herbal Christmas Tea is a sweet, earthy brew with cinnamon-spice top notes.

Cacao Tea - MiCacao at Sips by

Cacao Tea



Micacao's loose-leaf cacao tea is made from the shell of the cacao bean. Cacao tea is 100% cacao-based, completely natural, preservative free, and without any artificial flavors or starches. This small-batch tea is also organic, gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free. MiCacao sources their cacao from co-op farms in South America which operate in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

Fireside Fig - Wight Tea Co at Sips by

Fireside Fig

Wight Tea Co


A cozy combination of honeybush tea with fig, cinnamon, and ginger.

Christmas Morning - Chariteas at Sips by

Christmas Morning



Masterfully crafted to be both calming and uplifting, Christmas Morning is by no means a holiday exclusive. Bringing to mind that warm blissful feeling of lazy mornings spent with loved ones, this blend can be enjoyed all day long in any season. With flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and mint this kid-friendly tea is best when shared.

Double Chocolate Peppermint - Key To Teas at Sips by

Double Chocolate Peppermint

Key To Teas


A chocolate lover’s dream! Decadent chocolate pieces are blended beautifully with South African red rooibos which has natural caramel and malty notes. Peppermint lingers throughout the palate. Very versatile, this can be enjoyed hot as is or highly recommend to brew double-strength with your favorite milk as a tea latte or iced tea treat and maybe with a dollop of cream!

Krampus - Coalition Tea at Sips by


Coalition Tea


Krampus Holiday Blend is inspired by fragrant mugs of glühwein served hot at German Christmas Markets each year. The traditional Weihnachtsmarkts, as they're called, were one of Coalition Tea's founder and his family’s favorite parts of being stationed in Germany. Citrus and wintery spices come together beautifully in this cup of holiday cheer!


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