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Easter Tea Party Ideas: How to Throw the Perfect Tea Party for Easter

Easter Tea Party Ideas: How to Throw the Perfect Tea Party for Easter from Sips by

Easter is a time for celebrating hope, joy and rebirth, and what better way to do that than with your friends, family, and a cup of tea? Tea parties are the perfect way to gather together and toast to spring. Whether you're hosting an Easter brunch with friends or getting together with relatives, dust off your Easter hats and celebrate the holiday with a fun Easter tea party. Here are some tips for throwing your own Easter tea party, from delicious recipes, delightful decorations, fun crafts and activities, and of course, the best teas to enjoy.

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Before you host the perfect Easter tea party, you have to plan the invites! For a more traditional look, print out a free card template online with an Easter theme from and mail to your guests.

Or for a fun twist, send out these adorable Easter Egg Tea Party Invitations. Simply cut out the egg shape on colorful cardstock. Next, cut off the top of the egg, cutting in a zig-zag pattern. Glue a piece of rectangular paper in between the two halves, and write your party details inside. Decorate the egg shell with any Easter stickers or embellishments to make it extra personal for your friends.

Easter Egg Invites from Sips by

How to Make Easter Egg Party Invites:

    1. Trace and cut out an oval on colored cardstock.
    2. Print out the party details on small rectangular strip of paper
    3. About 1" from the top of the oval, carefully cut across the paper in a zig-zag pattern.
    4. Glue the ends of the rectangular strip of paper onto the egg halves, making sure all the text is visible. Decorate the eggs however you please - ribbons, stamps, and even glitter will go great!

These are sure to put a smile on your guests' faces when they receive them in the mail!

Photo Credit: High Heels to Hot Wheels


If your guests are anything like us, they love sweet treats with their tea. These recipe ideas not only pair beautifully with everything from herbal tea to black teas, but they're also infused with tea, ensuring complementary flavor pairings and a unique twist on classic sweets. Serve these mouth-watering desserts, and we guarantee your guests will be raving about your Easter tea party.

To discover the best teas for your Easter tea party, check out our Easter Tea Shop, curated with floral herbal and black tea blends to ring in the spring.


raspberry lemon tea bars

Now is your chance to bake a top-tier treat that’s stunning and delicious. Master this Raspberry Lemon Tea Bar recipe for a bake that’s full of contradictions - it’s creamy yet light and sweet yet tart, but it’s sure to wow at every afternoon tea party!

This fruit-flavored treat offers a cool taste with a sweet finish that both kids and adults will love. Brewed lemon tea and fresh lemon juice help undercut the sugar, and fresh mint and raspberries and a touch of color to these vibrant sweets.

Raspberry Lane Sips by Sencha Tea Bar

Raspberry Lemon Bar Tea Match: Raspberry Lane by Sencha Tea Bar combines the grassy notes of Chinese green tea with sweet and tart raspberries to create a cup reminiscent of summer days and picnic lunches.


Hibiscus Shortbread Cookies from Sips by  

These little hibiscus cookies bring one word to mind: precious! Shortbread cookies are a classic tea party food, so whip up a batch of these adorable flower shaped shortbread cookies to make the day feel special! Hibiscus tea-infused butter gives these cookies their gorgeous hue and unique floral flavor, and the poppy seeds just make it better! Enjoy with the citrus undertones of Earl Grey, or the nuttiness of green tea.

Lavender Earl Grey Sips by Rainy Day Tea Co

Hibiscus Shortbread Cookies Tea Match: Even when skies are gloomy, Lavender Earl Grey by Rainy Day Tea Co has an enticing floral aroma guaranteed to brighten your day.



If you love tea and things that are sweet and cute, you'll love these lil' tea bundt cakes! A dash of cinnamon tea in the batter creates some wonderfully fragrant tea dessert. We recommend using Cinnamon Bun Loose Leaf Tea by Pinky Up for an aromatic and satisfying flavor to your bundt cakes. Best served warm, these tea cakes pair beautifully with a spiced black tea or chai latte.

Kakaw Chai Sips by Sabroso Chai

Tea Bundt Cakes Tea Match: Kakaw Chai is an irresistible blend of mystical chai spices and black tea with a touch of chocolate.


While serving tea is the essence of a tea party, seasonal decor can help bring out the holiday joy. Elevate your Easter tea party with themed DIY decorations you can create yourself. These decoration ideas are perfect for bringing the essence of spring to your table, without breaking the bank. Spruce up your house and tea table with these fancy and fun decorations that say "spring is here!"


Dress up your table with these lovely mini egg nests! Made with only paper scraps and candy eggs, these mini paper nests are both affordable and adorable centerpieces, appropriate for the spring season. Simply cut strips of scrapbooking paper, preferably with a paper shredder, and pile a handful together to form a nest. There's no recipe for perfection here - each nest is unique and impossible to mess up. Next just place a candy egg in the center and viola! Place several mini nests around the table to fill any empty spaces, or make a large paper nest with several eggs as a stand-alone centerpiece. You can also play around with the colors of the paper strips to match your table-scape and overall color scheme for your party. The best part about this craft is that at the end of the tea party, everyone can enjoy a treat! 


Swap out your flower vase for a hand-painted mason jar to adorn your table! Painting a mason jar in pastels is any easy way to show an Easter theme in a fun way. Add an adorable twist to this craft by painting your jar a solid yellow, and using a sharpie to draw on eyes and beak to make a baby chick. You can also paint it white and draw a bunny face, tape on some paper bunny ears, and use cotton balls to make a fuzzy tail. Place a few of these painted jars around the table with your favorite flowers inside for a beautiful springtime bouquet.


To add a playful touch of fanciness to your tea party, create these simple and easy bunny place cards for your table! All you have to do is print out a bunny template onto a sheet of colorful card stock, fold the paper in half, and cut out along the outline. If you prefer, you can make personalized designs onto the place cards for each guest using sharpies and scrapbooking materials. We recommend adding fuzzy bunny tails with teased-out cotton balls. As a busy hostess, you can even have your children make these in advance for some fun crafting.

paper nests
painted easter flower vase
bunny place cards

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart (paper nest, left) | Weekend Craft (painted jars, middle) | Oh Happy Day (bunny place cards, right)



You've probably dyed eggs with food coloring countless times, but did you know you can use tea right from your kitchen to make vibrant and colorful egg dye?

Dying eggs in tea is fun way to naturally tint eggs with a vibrant hue. Combining strongly steeped tea with white vinegar allows the color to stick onto white hard-boiled eggs. Just dip the eggs into the dye, refrigerate overnight, and have bright colorful eggs to hide the next morning!


Easter baskets are a holiday staple, but there's no need to constantly buy new ones! Weaving these baskets is a fun and personalized way to make your own through recycled materials. The only materials you'll need for this craft are scissors, tape, and a whole bunch of colorful paper for your guests to choose from. These baskets are perfectly durable for venturing on an egg hunt and rambunctious kids. If you really want to earn the title of hostess with the mostest, arrange small treats like jelly beans and chocolate bunnies that guests can take home in their personalized baskets as goodie bags.


Twisting together fresh flowers to form a flower crown is a pass time you never outgrow. Walk your guests through this simple steps to get a gorgeous headpiece, that will make both kids and adults feel like a spring fairy.

Start by cutting a circle of floral wire about the size of your head. From there, gather a variety of flowers and greenery from your backyard or local florist (pro tip: baby's breath lasts longest!) and start threading them through the wire. For a more allergen-friendly alternative, feel free to use faux flowers instead. Snip the stems of the flowers, leaving only 3-4 inches. Using floral tape, attach the flowers to the wire base, sorting them to you're liking. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, make sure the flowers are secure, and then enjoy your ethereal spring look!

tea-dyed eggs
woven paper baskets
diy flower crown

Photo Credit: GHK (paper basket, middle) | Funny How Flowers Do That (flower crown, right)


Now that you have all the information and inspiration you need to throw the perfect Easter tea party, it's time to start shopping for supplies! Below is a list of our favorite things to help make your next tea party a success. From teapots to mugs to infusers, we have the perfect accessories to match your Easter theme.

Shop some of these tea accessories to compliment your next tea party:


Jump into spring with our Easter Tea Shop! Take in the scent of blooming flowers with aromatic floral blends, or celebrate the season with sweet dessert teas. These teas are perfect for sipping alone or throwing a tea party with friends and loved ones. Hot or iced, enjoy a cup overflowing with the joy of springtime. Hunt for your new favorite Easter teas today!

Easter Tea Shop from Sips by

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