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Eco-Friendly Teas

Eco-friendly Tea Options for Earth Day


Steeping tea at home can be a great way to minimize the environmental impact of your daily caffeine habit. Across the tea industry, practices are becoming more eco-friendly from farmers growing organic teas to brands using recyclable or biodegradable packaging. At the same time, other brands are growing unique plants (like the moringa tree) to help sustain the environment or making use of plant parts normally discarded (like cacao husks) to create new types of tea.

From our simple start with the sponsorship of fifteen brand partners, Sips by has grown to partner with nearly 150 brand partners. Together, they’ve helped to build the foundation of what Sips by is today — the only personalized tea subscription that listens to your preferences.

While members can always explore brand partners and their discounted offers (a perk of joining our free communiTEA), today we’re highlighting six brands who are changing the world of tea with their eco-friendly choices.




Based in Seattle, Washington, Choice Organic Teas is the first tea crafter in the U.S. to produce exclusively organic, Fair Trade Certified, and Non-GMO Project Verified teas (since 1989!), offering more than 80 varieties of teas, herbs, and blends. They package their teas with environmentally friendly packaging in the U.S. and promote the growth and development of organic agriculture in tea estates around the world. When you drink a cup of Choice Organic Tea, it’s good for both you and the planet!

We love Choice Organic Teas’ longstanding commitment to providing clean, healthy teas that do good for our bodies and our planet. We are excited about their new line of Mushroom Wellness Teas - mushrooms have been used throughout history in many cultures as a traditional medicine to promote health and vitality. Each of their mushroom teas has been formulated with the help of a master herbalist and artfully blended for great taste and amplified health benefits.

Learn more about Choice Organic Teas and access special offers from the brand here. 



Miracle Tree is a family-owned superfood brand that focuses on sourcing quality herbal teas and powders that feature unique and attractive nutritional profiles. They are committed to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing and production and are organic certified.

Miracle Tree's moringa is grown organically on their own plantations in Sri Lanka, crafted with a conscience for their environment and local communities.

Moringa is one of the world's most nutrient-dense superfoods - it's rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Among other benefits, it can be used daily to restore dietary imbalances. Miracle Tree's Moringa is 100% vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, ethically sourced, and completely caffeine-free. 

Learn more about Miracle Tree and access special offers from the brand here.



tea for eve

Tea For Eve was born out of a mission to bring women teas designed with them in mind, with a balance of taste, aroma, health benefits and visual appeal. As a pregnant consumer, Kacia was unable to find pregnancy and lactation teas that offered a pleasing flavor. This struggle was the beginning of her health-conscious and eco-friendly company. Their line of teas expanded as women requested additional therapeutic teas, and their focus was secured. They source organic and sustainable ingredients and use recycled food-grade American steel and 100% biodegradable plant-based materials for the packaging. Tea For Eve provides a cup of tea that strives to keep both the consumer and the environment healthy.

Learn more about Tea for Eve and access special offers from the brand here.




Traditional Medicinals is an independent company that embraces sustainability, ingredient purity, and social and environmental activism. It's a Certified B Corporation and California Certified Green Business whose roots go back to a third generation herbalist named Rosemary Gladstar. In the late 60s, she met community activist and environmentalist Drake Sadler. They were part of a movement of back-to-the-land baby boomers seeking an alternative lifestyle, including natural foods and herbal remedies. Together, they shared a vision for the rebirth of herbalism in North America, and in 1974 they co-founded Traditional Medicinals.

Traditional Medicinals strives to change lives, communities, and the quality of herbal remedies. They focus on sustainability in every aspect of their operations and promote conscious consumption. You always know you're getting the real deal from their trained herbalists who craft blends based on herbal combinations that have been helping people for centuries.

Learn more about Traditional Medicinals and access special offers from the brand here.


tea for eve

Based in Reno, Nevada for over 40 years, Davidson's Organic Teas is a third-generation, farm-to-cup tea company that prides itself on offering healthful, organic, high-quality teas, herbs and spices. The family-owned company operates nearly a dozen bio-dynamic, organic tea gardens in Darjeeling, India. That means that Davidson's grows, imports, blends, and packages their own tea.

With over 40 years of experience, Davidson's has worked tirelessly to develop tea blends that are true reflections of the flavor profiles for which each blend is named. Davidson's believes that organic farming works in harmony with nature, and they are committed to promoting the health and safety of their small farmers, in conjunction with preserving the rich environmental diversity in the regions where their tea is grown.

Learn more about Davidson's Organics and access special offers from the brand here. 



MiCacao is constantly in search of the very best cacao beans harvested in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. MiCacao ethically sources their cacao, ensuring farmers not only receive fair wages, but also an additional revenue stream (shells are usually discarded as waste). They only source beans that are grown organically and treated without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs.

We love that MiCacao is a simple and sustainable brand making a huge difference! They offer a tremendously healthy and delicious product to help improve the lives of others by promoting health, wellness, and social responsibility.

Learn more about MiCacao and access special offers from the brand here.





While our brands are putting in the effort to make the entire tea industry more sustainable, today we encourage you to consider ways that you can reduce your own impact on our planet - from using reusable tumblers for tea on the go to skipping the straw in your next glass of iced tea. Then, login to your Sips by profile to browse the offers page and support these eco-friendly brands.  



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