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Best Tea for All Types of Moms

Tea Gifts for Mom

It’s a fact - moms are absolutely incredible. The unconditional love, support, and forgiveness that moms have for their children are an unparalleled gift in this world. While each mom is special and chooses to raise their kids in unique ways, all moms do share some amazing qualities that are familiar to each of us.

If you're looking for a tea gift for mom, whether she's your mom, the mom of your heart, a surrogate mom, or even a pet mom, we have perfect tea gifts for Mother's Day.

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Moms always tend to the needs of others before themselves, so they deserve a day that’s all about them. Reverse the roles this Mother’s Day and shower your mom with love, appreciation, and a new tea gift for mom that matches her personality perfectly!


The BFF mom is the best of both worlds because while she’s still your mom, there are times where she acts more like a wise friend. Growing up, the BFF mom still gently disciplined you with grace but always made you feel comfortable to confide in her as you would a best friend. Giving the best advice, you know she’s there to help you navigate difficult situations and keep you grounded.

Laughing Lemon Yerba Mate (Chariteas)


Price: $11

In this energizing blend, the herbal and grassy flavors of yerba mate meet the bright sweet qualities of a lemon drop. Said to boast many healthful properties, yerba mate will give a smooth caffeine boost. You can enjoy Laughing Lemon in many ways: hot, over ice, as the liquid in a smoothie, or steeped with your favorite sweetener.


The Love You to Death mom showers you with unconditional love and support. If the Love You to Death mom sometimes feels overbearing, it’s only because she loves you so much - more than anything else in the world! She always encourages you to follow your dreams and you’re so grateful for all of her unquestioned support that shaped you into the person you are today.

Butterfly Kisses Tea (Still)


Price: $12

Butterfly Kisses Tea is a blend that reminds us of the sweet aroma of baked goods with a delicious whipped topping. Its fragrant strawberry, blueberry and peach notes are at the front of this tea with a fragrant vanilla creaminess lurking in the back. Although the aroma is breathtakingly sweet, the taste is a bit milder and oh-so enjoyable. This blend will have you re-steeping all day long!


The Superhero mom is invincible. She taught you to speak your mind, do what’s right, and not only stand up for yourself but others too. She’s always there for you, first and foremost, but she’s also the person everyone around her goes to for help. No matter the circumstances, she has a solution for every problem and always finds a way to save the day.

Bee The Change (DAVIDsTEA)


Price: $8

Embrace the invigorating powers of this vibrant floral honey rooibos. Strewn with defense-boosting echinacea, naturally sweet honeybush and aromatic rose, clover and marigolds, it’s a soothing caffeine-free infusion you’ll love to sip both hot and iced.


The Mama Bear is fiercely protective. She exudes confidence while being comforting. Through her nurturing spirit, you know she will never give up on you and she encourages you to fight for your dreams.

Lavender Jade Bloom (Key to Teas)


Price: $15

Imagine yourself in a lush summer field of lavender blossoms while the floral breeze transports you into another world of paradise. As one of the most beloved flowers in the world, this delicately balanced blend of lavender, rosebuds, passionflower & marigold petals with green tea will relax and soothe your soul.


The Independent mom is a trailblazer. She’s strong-willed and leads by example, always encouraging you to follow your heart and take a chance. Her adventurous spirit has influenced you to carve out your own path in life - with the understanding that she will always be there when you need her, for anything.

Green Passionfruit (DAVIDsTEA)


Price: $10

Calling all passionfruit lovers! This fresh tropical green tea will become your new obsession. With sweet pineapple, pretty flower petals and a big hit of tangy passion fruit essence, this juicy and energizing blend is a delicious way to get your fix. Try it as a refreshingly fruity iced tea or infused into your next martini.


Mothers are an inspiration to us all. While each mom has her own unique qualities, you might recognize your mother or one of the other mothers in your life in one of these descriptions or even a combination of a few of them.


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