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American-Grown Teas

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We'd like to take the time to highlight American-grown teas with our Made in America Tea Shop where you can explore all American-grown tea and some amazing American tea brands. Fun fact: Yaupon is North America’s only native caffeinated plant. Among other American-grown tea brands, we’re also featuring CatSpring Yaupon, Yaupon Brothers, and YAYAYA Yaupon who are part of a movement to reintroduce people to the benefits of yaupon tea, which faded into obscurity for 200 years.

By purchasing these American-grown teas, you can shop local while supporting American farming traditions and sustainable agriculture. American-grown teas have a smaller carbon footprint, since they do not need to be transported across the globe. These three Sips by brand partners work with their communities to grow delicious tea and improve conditions for everyone.

Made in America Tea Shop

Our Made in America tea shop is filled with amazing American-grown teas and tea brands perfect for your summer celebrations. Your purchase supports American farming traditions and sustainable agriculture. Plus, American-grown teas have a smaller carbon footprint since they do not need to be transported across the globe.

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Catspring Yaupon

Sisters Abianne and JennaDee founded CatSpring after a historic drought in Texas in 2011. On their family ranch, they watched as Yaupon plants survived conditions that decimated other crops and began to research the history of the plant. The more they learned, the more they wanted to share about this special Texas resource.

CatSpring also works to combat inequities in the criminal justice system through their dignified employment initiative. They work directly with probation officers in rural communities to hire, and they hire women with a history of generational poverty in their packaging facility.

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Yaupon Brothers

Yaupon Brothers focuses on job creation through sustainable agriculture. They are focused on Yaupon because, as a native plant, it requires fewer inputs like pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Fewer inputs means less pollution in soil and waterways. And all Yaupon Brothers growing and processing operations are certified organic.

Since Yaupon has been used as an important food, medical, and ceremonial item by indigenous people for thousands of years, Yaupon Brothers supports the native food rematriation movement and donates five percent of online sales to NATIFS (North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems) and the Indigenous Food Lab. Yaupon Brothers is also distributed by Sweetgrass Trading, which is wholly-owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, and through Eufaula Indian Community Distributors in the Mvskoke Nation of Oklahoma.

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Stash Tea

Stash’s Super Mint contains wild mint grown in the Pacific Northwest. The unique microclimates there make for mint with a higher menthol content, making their tea extra aromatic and flavorful. Until the late 1970s, mint grown in the Pacific Northwest was used primarily for essential oils. As the demand for herbal tea grew, Stash worked with local peppermint farmers to try producing mint for tea, a very different challenge. Stash worked with the farmers to develop the process and continues to work with their original partners to this day.

Their Super Mint is their mintiest tea, a bright, refreshing brew that has a cooling effect.

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Asheville Tea Co

Asheville Tea Co works with farms in the Southeast to make vibrant, additive-free teas inspired by the terroir of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Their goal is to spearhead the farm-to-teacup movement by partnering with regional farms, supporting both their local economy and sustainability, and 80% of their ingredients are grown in the Southeast. Some of the locally-farmed ingredients they source include mint, lavender, chamomile, and organic rose hips. Taste them in Asheville Tea Co's Chamomile Lavender and Elderflower Mint blends.

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Cherry Valley Organics

Cherry Valley Organics' organic herbal teas are estate grown on their farm in Cherry Valley, a small village in southwestern Pennsylvania. They have been growing healthy plants and organic soils at their farm for nearly 20 years. Their rich soils grow herbs that are full of complex flavors and full-bodied, intoxicating aromas. Cherry Valley's herbs are dried using high quality techniques, and they only use tea harvested within the last couple seasons to create some of the freshest tea available on the market.

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Oregon Tea Traders

Tea is a way of life for Oregon Tea Traders owner Angela McDonald and her family. "Promoting tea is my way of promoting a better world." Her passion does not stop at simply drinking tea, she also explores and teaches about the world of tea through science, cultural traditions, health, and history. Her love of local agriculture has led to growing tea in her home of Oregon as well as working to encourage the domestically grown tea industry. She has proudly developed Oregon Tea Traders into a business that shares her love of community, health, and sustainability.

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Beach House Teas

The founder's family has always supported local and Pacific Northwest agriculture by sourcing locally harvested or growing their own crops to turn into delicious homemade drinks. From home-brewed beer, wines, teas, and spirits. It all began with their love of the outdoors, gardening, farming, cooking, baking, and creating with the varied bounty of the Northwest. Now Beach House Teas wants to bring their handcrafted loose leaf tea blends and tea-infused natural products to your family.

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Wood Valley Ranch

Wood Valley Ranch ensures their customers have a premium quality product and only the best leaves in your tea, hand-picked and selected Mamaki grown with Aloha! Wood Valley Ranch uses permaculture and Korean natural farming techniques. Grown in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil on the slopes of Mauna Loa, these leaves are hand-picked and slow-dried to create the perfect cup of herbal tea.

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YAYAYA was founded by ethnobotanist, Rachael Young, who met the wild yaupon plant in the forests of Texas in 2015. She began wildharvesting, curing, and brewing yaupon to better get to know the plant and was transformed by the experience! YAUPON FOREVER! You can now find her products in the southwest region of Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationwide, Central Market and Sweetgreen stores statewide in Texas, and in your beloved Sips by subscription!

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Interested in trying these teas and others? Subscribers receive 4 teas chosen just for them in every box. Learn more about our tea subscription box or explore the loose leaf tea shop.

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