The Scariest Teas in the World

the scariest teas in the world

Tea tends to have a gentle reputation. It's great for soothing anxieties, helping you sleep, and warming you up. But tea can have a dark side as well. This Halloween, we're exploring teas that go bump in the night. From haunting hikes to deadly poisons, these are the scariest teas in the world. Drink them if you dare.

Mount Hua Tea

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Would you hike one of the most dangerous trails in the world just to get a cup of tea? China’s Mount Hua offers one of the most exclusive and harrowing tea experiences. The Buddhist temple located at the end of the mountain trail offers an all-natural tea made from snowmelt, rain, and mountain spring water. Hikers continue to brave the deadly trail just to taste the tea.

Poo Poo Pu-Erh

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Also known as grain Moth tea or Chong tea, this scary tea is made from the droppings of insects that feed on tea leaves.Full of antioxidants, this rare and sought after tea ranges from $250 to $1,000 per pound.

The World's Most Expensive Tea

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Give your wallet a heart attack with this terrifying tea. Da-Hong Pao, the most expensive tea in the world, costs $1.2 million per kilo (2 pounds). This tea dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is considered a Chinese national treasure. Cultivated in a single group of original trees, the antique version of the tea is extremely scarce.

Garlic Tea

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Ward off bloodthirsty vampires with this potent tea. Garlic tea is used to supplement the immune system and help fight infections, so you'll be scaring disease away as well.

Angel's Trumpet Tea

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The poisonous Angel's Trumpet flower can induce violent hallucinations and even death. But in Victorian England, the plant served a different purpose. Victorian ladies put tiny amounts of Angel's Trumpet in their tea to induce LSD-like hallucinations and trips.

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