Ritual Relaxation: How to Host a Healing Tea Ceremony

tea ceremony


Tea can be incredibly therapeutic and healing. Why not harness that power and allow yourself to take a moment to slow down.  Host a healing tea ceremony for you and your coven to celebrate the beginning of Fall. While it’s up to you to create an experience that feels authentic and personal, here are some tips to keep in mind to start creating a unique ritual.


Great news — there are no rules to hosting a tea. You can focus on what you find healing. Do you thrive surrounded by people, or would you rather take a few minutes to yourself? Would you rather drink tea in the bathtub or on the couch? Take a minute to sit down and think about the things that make you feel the most centered. Choose teas, timing, and rituals that work for you. Many people will choose to host a healing tea ceremony with the moon cycles, or at the start of a month, centered around creating intentions for the month to come. 


The setting and ambiance that you create will help to further support those who attend.  If the weather is suitable, hosting the tea outside can be a grounding comforting environment.  Don’t fret about not having enough seats either: cushions and blankets on the ground can be comfortable and relaxing.  You can further set the mood by lighting candles or diffusing essential oils.


New experiences can be scary. Make sure to help your guests feel comfortable and welcome when they arrive. Take a moment to thank them for being a special part of the ritual and explain to them how things will work.


Starting off the tea ceremony with a relaxing meditation is a great way to help your guests become present, leaving everything else outside. You can lead the meditation yourself, use a script or play a guided meditation from Spotify or Youtube. If you’d like a less structured approach, you can play relaxing music or nature noises in the background to help encourage focusing on the present moment. Or try incorporating gentle yoga into your ceremony.


A tea gathering is a great opportunity to set intentions and manifestations.  You can provide pieces of paper for people to write down their intentions, choosing to share affirmations they are setting if they’d like, or you can plant the pieces of paper or burn them.  Another option would be to work on creating vision boards as a group, setting out magazines, scissors, glue stick, words of encouragement, and a poster board for each person. After all, who doesn't love making a collage?


Keeping things simple allows you to enjoy your relaxing ritual more and creates space for healing. All you really need is a few of your favorite tea blends, hot water, and mugs. Or, invite your guests to bring their own mugs.


Don’t lose sight of the goal for your relaxing ritual. If planning your ceremony or following a strict set of steps is stressing you out, take a step back and remember that the goal is to slow down and take time for yourself and your friends.