Gift Guide: DIY Tea Gifts

DIY Tea Gifts

'Tis the season to spend all of your time and money trying to find the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest. Sometimes, the best gifts are handmade and from the heart. Here are the team at Sips by's suggestions for the best DIY holiday gifts made with tea, from bath salts to tea-infused cookies. These heartfelt projects make great gifts for all of the tea lovers in your life, be they Scrooges to Cindy Lou Whos.

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tea bath

This decadent, seasonal bath soak's potent citrus scent can brighten up a dreary winter day. This bath tea is a great gift for friends who love to treat themselves and indulge in self care.


Tea Soaps

tea soap

Photo Credit: Truth Voice

Tea soaps make beautiful gifts. Tea has a multitude of health benefits and cleansing your body inside and out is definitely one of them. One of the best things about this craft is that it’s super easy - simply heat up the soap base, add in tea and essential oils, pour into a mold and let harden. That’s it. Put your unique spin on your soaps by creating custom tea scents for your friends and family. Check these crafty tutorials on how to make your own tea soap at Thirsty for Tea, A Pumpkin and a Princess, The Spruce, and Lulu the Baker.


tea brownies

These rich blackcurrant brownies are just the right amount of fruity and sweet. Plus, who doesn't love brownies? Put them in a cute box for a holiday tea treat.


black tea rosewater toner

Have a skincare addict in your life? Whip them up a batch of this black tea rosewater toner. It'll tighten their pores, soothe their skin, and smell lovely. Gift it in cute glass bottles for an extra special touch.


tea bath

This orange juice and tea infused bath salt recipe makes a zesty gift for bath lovers who want to soak it all up.


hibiscus tea lip cream

Get in on the natural beauty movement by making your friends soothing lip cream tinted with brilliant pink hibiscus tea, a fun stocking stuffer for the balm-obsessed.


tea infused candle

Do you ever wish you could keep breathing in the blissful scent of your favorite tea, even after you're finished drinking it? Use your favorite delicious-smelling tea to make a candle that will infuse rooms its comforting scent. Customize scents to your friends and experiment with blends to personalize your gifting.


candied hibiscus

These beautiful candied hibiscus roselles make for a great garnish for drinks or a sophisticated snack. Wrap them in the cellophane bag for a charming and practical floral gift.


tea bath bomb

Bath teas are having a moment, popping up as luxury items in stores and online. Make your own as trendy gifts to give to your friends.

Sips by Gift Card

tea gift card

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