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10 Essentials for the Perfect Picnic

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Picnics are one of the best summer activities ever! There’s nothing more relaxing than laying on a soft blanket while the summer sun kisses your skin. Not to mention the fact that you’re surrounded by snacks! Now, that’s a dream come true.

However, picnics can be a little bit more complicated than just throwing down a blanket on the grass. To be truly comfortable, without overpacking, here are our 10 must-haves for the perfect picnic!


picnic blanket

Having a picnic blanket is a MUST. It keeps the creepy crawlers away from you and your tasty snacks. Plus, it makes laying down way more comfortable!

Consider buying a picnic blanket with a waterproof underside. This will prevent your bottom and clothes from getting wet. Remember, having a comfortable picnic is key here. For major style points, try to snag a cute, colorful blanket!

Check out this Picnic Travel Rug from Skova .

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bluetooth speaker  

Music makes everything better. Consider bringing a portable Bluetooth speaker to crank up the tunes and play anything to your heart’s desire-- whether that’s chill John Mayer tracks or ‘80’s love ballads.

Check out portable speakers from brands like Ultimate Ears and Bose.

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ICEMULE cooler

Depending on the type of food you are packing for your picnic, you might want to consider bringing an insulated bag or cooler. Although picnic baskets will give your picnic a classic, picturesque look, insulated bags are much more practical because they will keep your food fresh longer.

For example, ICEMULE's insulated backpacks are cute, convenient, and easy to travel with.

Photo credit: Firefly Buys






food & drink

Would it really be a picnic without food and refreshments? This is the most important part of the packing list. Finger foods are your best bet-- the less mess, the better! Cheese plates, sandwiches, fruits, chips, salsa, and guacamole are great food choices for a picnic. But don’t forget about the drinks!

Here are a few tea-infused drink recipes that will keep you cool and refreshed: Sparkling Berry Iced Tea, Lemon Lavender Chamomile Breeze, and Sunkissed Honey Basil Lemonade.





corkscrew & bottle opener

You never know when these will come in handy. It’s so easy to buy a bottle of rosé and forget to bring something to open it with! So, if friends bring a bottle (we can only hope, right?), you’ll be prepared for anything.

Photo credit: West Elm







bug spray  

Bug repellent is a must-have if you’re going to be outdoors. But there’s nothing worse than using sprays that leaves a lasting odor on your skin.

Try these sweet-scented insect repellent towelettes for a more pleasant, bug-free experience.

Photo credit: Avon






bug spray

Remember, convenience is key! And bringing disposable paper plates will minimize the mess of your picnic. We recommend bringing a paper towel roll rather than napkins, because they blow easily in the wind. This will leave you spending more time chasing your littered-napkins around the park rather than munching on your tasty snacks!

Side note: Get eco-friendly paper towels and plates if you’re trying to be environmentally conscious like us. :) Plus, you can find these products at your local Whole Foods Market.

Photo credit: Seventh Generation





Picnics are fun, but the cleanup process is not. Lugging all your trash in your arms to a trash bin is no-go. We recommend reusing a shopping bag to make this process smoother and environmentally friendly!

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Dessert is perhaps the most important part of the ideal picnic. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these tasty tea-infused dessert recipes: Vegan Blackcurrent Brownie and Pu-ehr Banana Bread.

And if you are need of a sweet treat to cool you down, grab a pint of Cado ice cream, the first avocado-based frozen dessert.

Photo credit: GoDairyFree






After all the food is gone and you have relaxed for a bit, it’s playtime! Be sure to pack any of your favorite outdoor games for some friendly competition. We recommend bringing something easy to carry. The less you have to carry to and from your car, the better! Frisbees are great for this because they are super lightweight and fun. Anyone down for a game of ultimate frisbee?

Photo credit: Tierischer Urlaub







We hope these tips help you have the perfect picnic day! If you try out any of these products, be sure to share a photo and tag us using #SipsbySummer!


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