Best Teas for Digestion

Best Teas for Digestion from Sips by

We all know the familiar discomfort and awkwardness of tummy troubles.  After moments where we've overindulged, or just have an uneasy stomach, a steaming cup of tea can be the perfect solution. These teas can help soothe full stomachs, ease any aches, and promote good gut health. So the next time your stomach's out of sorts, try one of these teas to help your digestion.

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A popular herbal remedy, peppermint tea can help reduce and soothe stomach pain, bloating, and inflammation. Plus, its antibacterial properties help defend your digestive system from harmful bacteria, all while providing a cooling cup of tea. Breathe in its refreshing aroma, and enjoy a drink sure to soothe your mind and body.

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In addition to its calming effects, chamomile can alleviate stomach pain, reduce inflammation, and soothe the digestive tract. Naturally occurring compounds in chamomile can trigger digestive enzymes, encouraging your body to break down foods with ease. Some studies even suggest it can aid in relieving acid reflux. Because of its stress-relieving properties, it's also an excellent remedy for anxiety-induced digestive issues. Stay extra relaxed with a floral, earthy cup of chamomile by your side.


Pu’erh tea is a beloved after-meal tea! A fermented tea from Yunnan Province in China, Pu’erh is rich in health properties that can help soothe stomach pain, boost healthy gut bacteria, and aid indigestion. Beyond its digestive benefits, pu'erh can improve heart health and help lower your cholesterol. It's even believed to cure hangovers! After a long day of feasting, a rich, aromatic cup of pu'erh might be just what you need.

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The spicy tingle of ginger stimulates the production of gastric juices, which helps the body break down food more easily. Multiple studies and herbal traditions show that ginger tea is also effective at alleviate feelings of nausea. Ginger tea's anti-inflammatory effects can aid with a number of digestive problems, and make it a go-to for a delicious wellness drink.

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With its earthy and pleasantly bitter taste, dandelion root tea has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in boosting the immune and digestive system. Rich in antioxidants, dandelion root also protects your liver from cell damage, strengthening your body's natural detoxification process.  Along with easing stomach cramps, dandelion root is packed with gut-friendly fiber, leaving both you and your gut happy.

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Rooibos is a caffeine-free herb from South Africa that's gives an extra boost to digestive function. Rooibos tea is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help ease abdominal pain and reduce inflammation. Plus, specific antioxidants found in rooibos can aid in lowering blood pressure and encouraging a healthy heart. With a similar flavor profile to black tea, rooibos can be enjoyed as a healthy iced tea or cold brew.

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