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15 Healthiest Teas

healthiest teas

Often touted as a health beverage, tea is high in antioxidants and other health-promoting ingredients like flavonoids.  Tea can also help you to stay hydrated, de-stress, boost focus, and balance mood, and has even been shown to have benefits on your cardiovascular system.  These teas are rich in healthy ingredients to help you feel nourished and cleansed with each and every sip.

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1. Goji Green Sips by CITIZENTEA

Often said to be one of the healthiest teas, green tea is packed with antioxidants and helps to improve focus while protecting against disease.  This blend gets a boost from the flavorful addition of goji berries, another great source of antioxidants to further strengthen your immune system.

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2. Peppermint Leaves Sips by Smith Teamaker

This excellent herbal tea is made with peppermint leaves harvested from the Pacific Northwest for the best depth of flavor.  Peppermint helps to relax muscles in the body, which soothes the digestive system, is refreshing, and can also help ease headaches and migraines.

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3. Maca Chocolaté Sips by Teeccino

Rich in superfoods like maca and cocoa, this blend is designed to help you feel energized without feeling wired. Maca root itself is well known for boosting energy, improving endurance and providing a natural mood boost.

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4. Supergreens Latte Sips by Copper Cup

This superfood blend of wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella is packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, chlorophyll, minerals, and plant protein. It also contains the adaptogen Panax Ginseng, an ancient and powerful root spice with benefits including increased energy and stress reduction. As an added bonus, this blend whips up a beautiful bright green latte.

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5. Cacao Tea Sips by MiCacao

Cacao is an incredibly powerful superfood, and this tea captures it all!  It’s super high in antioxidants and contains powerful substances, like theobromine, which naturally helps to brighten your mood and flavonoids, which can help to reduce inflammation.

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6. Supreme Matcha Green Sips by Pukka

This antioxidant-rich blend contains three different types of green tea and matcha, to help you get all the benefits from all.  Green tea, and matcha in particular, is one of the healthiest teas that you can sip because it contains high concentrations of EGCG, antioxidants which help to protect your body and slow the effects of aging.

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7. Sleeping Tranquilitea Sips by Full Leaf Tea Company

Specially designed for sleep, this blend contains valerian root, which is often called “nature’s Valium” as it helps to relax your body and ease both mental and physical tension.  This tea also contains other great ingredients for soothing stress like chamomile and lavender.

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8. Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Sips by ORGANIC INDIA

Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is excellent for reducing stress while also acting as a natural antimicrobial to give your immune system a boost. Combined with rose, this blend is calming for the nervous system.

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9. Rooibos Spice Chai Sips by Davidson's Organic

Rooibos is an herbal tea that is high in antioxidants, is naturally caffeine-free and is excellent for heart health.  This blend combines with chai spices to create a cozy cup.

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10. Creamy Orange Lapacho Sips by Tranquilo Teas

Lapacho, also known by the Portuguese name Pau D’Arco, has been used for medicinal purposes in South America for thousands of years. The herbal tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is believed to have many benefits including anti-aging, immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory and pain-relief.

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11. Sweet Clementine Stress Support Sips by Yogi Tea

The star ingredient in this tea is ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that reduces stress and anxiety.  But you’ll also be zenning out with the flavors of orange, lemongrass, and lemon balm.

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12. Recover Sips by Snarky Teas

Designed to make you feel renewed, Recover features immune-boosting echinacea, soothing and settling anise, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and antioxidant-rich white tea. With healthy and delicious cinnamon and ginger, this blend is like a hug, but better.

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13. Saffron Chai Sips by Tahmina

Giving you that gorgeous yellow color, saffron is a natural mood booster.  This tea also contains warming spices like ginger, clove, and cinnamon, as well as antioxidant-rich black tea.

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14. Kanchanjangha Verde Sips by Nepal Tea

This green tea from Nepal is minimally processed to retain all those heart-healthy antioxidants. Green tea is also great for brain health and boosting focus, making this a great sip to start your day with.

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15. Turmeric Peppermint Clove Sips by Tipson Tea

This herbal tea contains a variety of healing ingredients, including turmeric, peppermint, and clove.  Turmeric is an awesome ingredient to look for in your tea, as it's a natural anti-inflammatory that can be helpful when dealing with joint stiffness and pain.

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