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Tea to Save on and Teas to Splurge on

While the best quality tea doesn’t have to break the bank, there are certainly some higher-end teas that are worth indulging in.  Try sampling a bunch until you discover your favorite variety of tea and then experimenting with more expensive varieties.

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Udyan Tea is based out of the Darjeeling area in India where this black tea is grown, so they’re able to provide you with this awesome tea at an affordable price. Taste the unique crisp and slightly sweet flavors in Darjeeling Spring Black Tea by Udyan Tea.




Because black tea is so popular, it’s a great tea to save on. But, you don’t have to compromise on flavor: Paris by Harney & Sons is a combination of slightly fruity black and oolong teas with caramel, vanilla, and bergamot flavors.


Orange pekoe is a grading term, meaning that this black tea is made with the new, young leaves of the tea plant, creating a flavorful tea brightened up with floral flavors. Try it in Yunnan Fop by CITIZENTEA, which harvests the buds from the Yunnan region in China, offering a slightly spicy sip.



Because there are so many herb farms in North America, an herbal tea like peppermint is a great tea to save on. We love Southern Mint Herbal Tea by Revolution Tea, which is made from whole peppermint leaves grown in the U.S. to create a refreshing caffeine-free tea that also offers some serious wellness benefits.




With simple ingredients, ginger is a wellness tea that deserves a spot in your tea cabinet. Try Organic Super Ginger by DAVIDsTEA, which pairs ginger with green rooibos and spicy peppercorns.









Sencha is Japan’s most popular green tea. The rich taste makes it worth the extra expense if you’re a green tea lover. Saffron Sencha by Tahmina combines it with saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, for a spicy, mood-boosting tea that is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.




Because matcha requires more processing than green tea (you’re drinking the whole leaf!), it’s usually pricier than traditional green teas, but you’re also reaping the benefits of extra antioxidants and a richer flavor. Grab Matcha Ginger Buzz by Rishi, a mood-boosting combination of matcha, ginger, and uplifting essential oils.


Chinese pu-erh is black tea that is prepared by allowing the tea leaves to ferment and oxidize. Organic Ancient Green Tuo Cha Pu erh by Arbor Teas is an earthy, lightly sweet pu-erh.


org chamomile  

If you’re choosing tea for its wellness benefits - like chamomile to help with sleep, easing stress, or soothing sore throats - you might want to opt for the organic variety. We love Citrus Rose Té by The Téspa, which combines organic chamomile tea with soothing rose petals and orange and lemon balm.




With chai, you want to look for high-quality spices and no artificial flavors to get the spiciest sip. For this, we love Original Chai by Chico Chai, which uses all organic ingredients and is handmade in small batches in Chico, California.


org chamomile  

Because rooibos tea is farmed in a small region in South Africa, it’s another tea that has risen in price over the past several years. It's a favorite among caffeine-free tea drinkers. Try Blueberry Basil by Wight Tea Co. which combines vitamin and mineral-rich rooibos with the bright flavors of lemon, blueberries, and basil.






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