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This March our Featured Teas lineup highlights teas which are sure to make your heart bloom, just in time for Spring. Read below to learn more about what we're sipping on this month, and be sure you're logged in to your MY SIPS profile to link over to our product pages to learn more. Don't have a MY SIPS profile? Create a free profile here to access special offers if you'd like to enjoy one of these featured teas yourself!



Bird Song Oolong by The Jasmine PearlThis elegant tea is perfect for the welcoming-in of springtime. Comprised of a lightly-roasted Taiwanese oolong, as well as chamomile, rose, and lemon balm, this delicate tea offers natural floral and herbaceous notes. And keep in mind – oolong teas can be steeped multiple times! The chamomile, rose, and lemon notes will fade with each steeping, but the oolong flavor will strengthen.

Since 2004, The Jasmine Pearl has been importing and handcrafting specialty loose-leaf tea in Portland, Oregon. Many of their teas are harvested and blended in small quantities, allowing them to share the freshest rare and seasonal teas. They have methodically tasted and studied thousands of different teas for over a decade in search of the most delicious and interesting examples available!

Click here to learn more about Bird Song Oolong and to access a special offer from The Jasmine Pearl!



Orange Vanilla Matcha by Motion Matcha  

Matcha is a ground Japanese green tea that is traditionally whisked into water, instead of steeped. It's characterized by its vibrant green color and promoted for its health benefits. When you drink matcha, you're consuming the entire leaf - that's why it's so packed with added nutrients and antioxidants, compared to traditional steeped tea.

Motion Matcha’s Orange Vanilla Matcha may remind you of the classic Dreamsicle - we love creating a creamy latte with a milk such as almond or oat. They have other fun flavors available, such as Strawberry Lemonade and Pomegranate Berry, as well as more classic matcha options if you’re not a fruit flavor lover.

Motion Matcha is based in New York City, and was founded by Erik and Jess, a husband and wife team who want to make matcha more accessible to the average person trying to lead a healthier life! They discovered that matcha has some amazing health benefits and is a great complement to a healthy lifestyle, but due to the earthy flavor, many people don't give it a fair shot. So they decided to create some refreshing flavors and convenient serving-size pouches for easy on-the-go brewing that are great for both first-time and long-time matcha drinkers.

Click here to learn more about Orange Vanilla Matcha, and to access a special offer from Motion Matcha!



Lavender Sunrise Tea by Fava TeasLavender Sunrise is relaxing without putting you to sleep! This green tea contains lemon peel, lemongrass, lavender, and natural lemon flavoring, and is low in caffeine. Green tea has numerous health benefits, such as improving heart and digestive health, and lavender is known to reduce anxiety and promote healing and pain relief within the body. All in all, Lavender Sunrise is tasty and good for you!

Fava Tea provides an exciting, delicious and educational tea experience for their customers. Many of their teas are handcrafted in small batches, ensuring the freshest cup each time, and they are always coming out with unique and beautiful blends. Fava Tea Company is a family-owned loose tea specialty retail store offering over 350 rare, classic and unique teas. It was founded in 2007 by Bryan and Melissa Stafford in Appleton, Wisconsin, and they now have three locations throughout Wisconsin.

Click here to learn more about Lavender Sunrise and access a special offer from Fava Tea!



Mango Peach Tea by Truly Teas

This caffeine free tea will get you excited for warmer weather with its tropical and fruity flavors. Truly Teas’ Mango Peach contains organic tulsi, organic rooibos, and natural mango and peach flavors, and the fruity aroma will energize you before you even take your first sip. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is sometimes referred to as the “elixir of life” and used commonly in Ayurvedic practice for its many healthy benefits.

We love the story of how Truly Teas came about - it all started when business students Demi, Lindsey and Branka teamed up for a class project to create a marketing plan - their idea won first place in their class competition, and the entrepreneurs turned this idea into Truly Teas! We also love their values of providing high-quality, organic, fair trade and eco-friendly teas and packaging, as well as creating local partnerships to support their community.

Click here to learn more about Mango Peach from Truly Teas!

We hope you enjoy our featured teas this month. For some delicious tea-infused recipes that to inspire your Spring, go check out your MY SIPS page!

Did you know that Staci and Mel taste each month's Featured Teas live on Facebook? A great reason to join our community of tea lovers there! But, if you missed this month's tasting, you can catch the recap here: 





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