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Featured July Teas



Our featured teas for July include a cooling minty black tea, an uplifting floral-citrus green tea, along with stress-relieving, soothing and hydrating herbal blends to keep you happy, cool and comfortable. Read below to learn more about what we're sipping on this month, and be sure you're logged in to your MY SIPS profile to link over to our product pages to learn more. Don't have a MY SIPS profile? Create a free profile here to access special offers if you'd like to enjoy one of these featured teas yourself!




Mint Black Tea is a cool and invigorating blend that was artfully crafted by The Tea Shelf to help you feel fresh as a daisy with every sip! It features a mixture of dried mint leaves and twisted whole leaf black tea, with an aroma that reminds us of mint chocolates. Especially on a hot July day, this is one of our go-tos for feeling energized and refreshed.

The black tea base of this blend comes from the Nilgiris (In English, “Blue Mountains”), a mountainous area in Southern India. Teas from this region are generally known to be full-bodied and very aromatic and flavorful.

Based in Kolkata, India, The Tea Shelf is quite literally steeped in tea – historically as well as philosophically. A heritage of 150 years in the tea business in India, and a tea-loving founder, laid the grounds for this brand that creates a wonderful tea-drinking experience. The Tea Shelf sources handpicked teas from across India (particularly Assam, Darjeeling, Kangra and the Nilgiris) and delivers them straight from the estates to your cup! In addition to amazing pure teas, they also offer exotic hand-blended teas featuring a creative mix of natural infusions with quality tea leaves. Only the freshest ingredients, flowers, herbs, spices and whole leaf garden-fresh teas go into creating their blends.

In addition to Mint Black, there are two other teas from The Tea Shelf that we’re excited to share in some July Sips by boxes: Lavender Rosemary Tea, a floral and minty black tea blend that will soothe your senses and help you de-stress, and English Breakfast High Grown, a tribute to the great Assam Black Teas that brews into a brisk, refreshing cup.

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We’re excited to introduce two lovely tulsi-based blends from The Milana Co - Countess Citron Tulsi and Sacred Tulsi Spiced Rose. Tulsi (or Holy Basil) has a long history in the Indian holistic healing system of Ayurveda. For thousands of years, it has been revered as a 'Queen of Herbs', and a sacred Indian plant known for its adaptogenic properties and a delicate herbal basil-like flavor. Tulsi is known to help the body adapt to the physical, metabolic and psychological stressors, support normal bodily functions and help restore overall balance.

Countess Citron Tulsi features tulsi, lemongrass, ginger and calendula petals. The golden citrusy infusion is refreshing and soothing, and clean-tasting - perfect for relieving stress any time of day. Sacred Tulsi Spiced Rose features tulsi, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and rose petals. It’s great for digestion and the rose adds a silky, luxurious element. This blend makes for a very comforting after-dinner treat.

The Milana Company was founded by Nisha Barot in Toronto, Canada and offers 100% organic certified tea and tisane blends, custom-crafted with a focus on wellness. The word 'Milana' is derived from Sanskrit, meaning 'union,' 'coming together,' and 'to join'. The Milana Company is building a brand guided by the unity of passion, tradition, and organic ingredients to design and bring exceptional wellness products with a touch of luxury to the modern world!

Click here to learn more about Countess Citron Tulsi, and here to learn more about Sacred Tulsi Spiced Rose, and access a special offer from The Milana Co!

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Golden Joy is a blend of chamomile, rose and lemon balm that was crafted here in Texas by Flower Girl Apothecarie. These three herbs have calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to promote healthy skin, good digestion, relaxation and sound sleep, among other benefits. We love sipping on Golden Joy while winding down for the day and getting ready for a good night’s sleep.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Flower Girl Apothecarie offers an artisan line of organic, handcrafted, small-batch teas and wellness products. After spending years after university feeling burnt out and stressed out, founder Arianna decided it was time to take her health and wellness in a brand new direction. A huge tea aficionado, she found herself sipping on herbal teas all day long at work and experimenting with different herbal preparations. The power of herbs and creating a self-care ritual provided the change she was looking for in her mind-body-spirit balance and spurred her to obtain certifications in Aromatherapy and Western Herbal Medicine. Flower Girl came to life as a way to share this form of self-care with others, and encourage people to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle by using what nature provides to us!

Click here to learn more about Golden Joy and access a special offer from Flower Girl Apothecarie!

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Blueberry Basil Rooibos from Wight Tea Co is a caffeine-free summer must-have! Green South African Rooibos, which is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, is combined with blueberries, lemon peels, and basil. Only available in the Spring and Summer, this unique handcrafted blend is delicious hot or iced.

    On a hot day, we love drinking this one iced to cool down and quench our thirst - rooibos is naturally hydrating and helps replenish electrolytes and minerals! Instead of using the more commonly-known red rooibos, this blend uses green rooibos, the unoxidized version. It has a relatively bright, crisp taste that pairs well with the fruitiness of the blueberry and lemon, and the hint of savory from the basil.

      Wight Tea Co was started in Baltimore, Maryland by two tea-obsessed siblings, Brittany and Joey, who share an appreciation for high-quality teas. They have cultivated a passion over the years by creating and sharing their handmade blends with each other, and now want to share their love and knowledge of tea with the world!

      Click here to learn more about Blueberry Basil Rooibos and access a special offer from Wight Tea Co!

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      Jasmine Lemongrass from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co is an uplifting, refreshing green tea blend that’s great for sipping on during summer, or any time of year. Fragrant jasmine green tea is paired with tart, citrusy lemongrass, and a hint of clementine and grapefruit essential oils round out its bright, floral notes. This blend makes a delightful hot brew but truly shines as an iced tea!

      Jasmine and lemongrass have both been used throughout history in aromatherapy and herbal medicine - jasmine to improve mood and overcome stress and anxiety, and lemongrass for its purifying, energizing properties. Combined with green tea, they not only taste amazing but also make for a gently uplifting, refreshing experience.

      Since 2004, The Jasmine Pearl  has been importing and handcrafting specialty loose-leaf tea in Portland, Oregon. Many of their teas are harvested and blended in small quantities, allowing them to share the freshest rare and seasonal teas. They have methodically tasted and studied thousands of different teas for over a decade in search of the most delicious and interesting examples available!

      Click here to learn more about Jasmine Lemongrass and access a special offer from The Jasmine Pearl!

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      We hope you enjoy our featured July teas this month! If you prefer drinking your tea iced, you can either create a stronger hot brew (using 1.5-2x the normal amount of leaf) and then pour over ice, or you can cold-brew your tea, using no hot water at all! If you’re just getting started with cold-brewing, check out our step-by-step guide to help get your creative juices flowing. 


      About us: Sips by™ is an Austin-based startup founded by a small group of tea lovers who want discovering tea to be fun, personalized, and affordable. When you subscribe to Sips by's tea discovery box — the only personalized, multi-brand tea subscription! — we match you with a tea expert who learns your tastes and sends you 4 unique teas to try each month, chosen from over 100 global tea brands. You can choose loose leaf tea or teabags, caffeinated or herbal, or have a little taste of each — every box is truly unique to the subscriber's preferences! Not ready to subscribe? We've still got valuable benefits to offer you! Sign up for a free Sips by profile to access special brand offers, win free tea, refer friends for points, and learn about the best tea subscription box out there. 




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