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Featured January Teas


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What better way to start out 2018 than with some exciting new teas? We've got some fun recommendations for you to try out - a nourishing detox tea hand-crafted in France, a smooth and grounding black tea blend from a new tea company in Los Angeles, a bold puerh tea to warm you up on cold winter days, and a lovely pure oolong tea straight from a Taiwanese tea garden!



It’s time to get our bodies and minds on track for a healthy, successful new year! Golden Detox by Hüttli Tea is a nourishing low-caffeine blend featuring pineapple, turmeric, Sencha green tea and acai for an antioxidant boost, along with horsetail, nettle, dandelion, and elderberry for their detoxifying and diuretic properties, as well as thyme, rosemary, and chamomile to reduce bloating. A fresh blend with stimulating and purifying flavors!

Hüttli Tea is based in France and specializes in loose leaf natural teas and infusions. “Hüttli” is an affectionate term in Swiss German meaning “little house” or “little hut” - a cozy place where you can comfortably enjoy a cup of tea. Founder Barbara’s passion for tea comes from her grandmother, who introduced her to Parisian tearooms and allowed her to try teas from all around the world and tasty infusions made out of plants, herbs and fruits. Her trips from Asia to Switzerland and discoveries of tea cultures enriched her with a love for tea, for nature, and for the simple things in life! All of Hüttli Tea’s teas are carefully handpicked and are prepared and packaged by hand in their lab in France.

In addition to Golden Detox, some of you may have received Hüttli Tea’s Bonne Humeur (which means “good mood” in French) - a fresh and uplifting blend featuring green tea with verbena, mint, lemon and berries - in your January #sipsbybox!

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petal to the metal pc shelby sorrel  

This isn’t your typical floral rose tea - this time, rose takes a back seat as the scent and taste of freshly-peeled cardamom pods infuse this Black Tea with a nostalgic, grounding flavor profile. The tea itself comes from the Lochan Family of Doke River in Pothia Village, Kishanganj, Bihar District, India and provides a perfect base for this subtle, smooth blend.

Ruby Lion is based in Los Angeles, California and was founded by Leonard (Leo) Nima, who is on a mission to make high-quality tea more fun and accessible to younger generations. The company was born out of the realization that the untapped power of tea in North America has not yet been discovered, defined, experimented with, and integrated properly into the public's daily lives. Ruby Lion intends to rekindle the passion and enlighten the public to the benefits of tea - not as a dietary supplement or historical form of art - but as a powerful symbol and lifelong foundation to the modern, intelligent person and general well-being!  

We love that they show their appreciation to the farmers who grow, pick, and process the tea for their blends - while sipping on a cup of soothing Petal to the Metal, check out Ruby Lion’s website to learn about where your tea came from, and the love and care that was put into creating it! 

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crimson lotus

If you’re looking for a warming, comforting, earthy tea for a cold winter day, we highly recommend 2014 Yiwu Iron Forge Shou Puerh from Crimson Lotus! Forged deep in the forested mountains of Yiwu (one of the famous ancient tea mountains in Yunnan, China where puerh tea is grown), this tea brews mellow and smooth. With a potent warming energy that lights a fire in your belly, it’s perfect for cold, dark winter mornings!

Crimson Lotus Tea is a Seattle-area puerh tea import and education company founded by Glen Bowers and his wife Dawa Lamu. Glen grew up in Seattle and was a total coffee geek until he found puerh. Lamu is a Tibetan born in the Himalayas and raised in Yunnan, China. They exclusively deal in puerh tea and gongfu style brewing accessories, and they travel to Yunnan each year to live and work as close to the source as possible.

We love the passion that Glen and Lamu have for sourcing amazing puerh and teaching people about it! We recommend checking out their website to learn more about puerh - you can also find sample sizes of each tea, so it’s a great way to try different types and find the best fit for you! They also have beautiful teaware (including teapets!) and handmade tea pots - pretty much everything you need for a lovely gongfu set. 

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This award-winning Taiwanese oolong from Golden Tea leaf is a unique blend of two types of their mountain oolong, which have been hand-picked and processed. It brews a light melon-yellow color with a floral fragrance that lingers after the last sip - a lovely easy-going tea for everyday drinking. Pine Oolong was also the first place winner at the 2015 North American Tea Championship! Oolong is known for a variety of health benefits, including being high in antioxidants, helping to boost metabolism, aiding with your weight loss goals, and stabilizing blood sugar - a great pure tea to add to your collection this year! Available in pyramid sachet form (great for convenience of brewing and on-the-go enjoyment), you can always cut open the sachets and brew the rolled leaves with your favorite teapot, filter or gongfu cha set to watch the leaves unfurl :)

Based in Vancouver, Golden Tea Leaf is a run by a group of tea enthusiasts with a passion for top-quality, single-origin whole leaf tea! Established over 35 years ago on lush hills in Taiwan, their tea gardens have won multiple awards, and they have partnered with boutique farmers to bring us hand-harvested and small-batch teas with unique flavors. From exotic and fragrant high mountain oolongs, to unique black teas, to organic green teas, Golden Tea Leaf has some amazing selections that are truly farm-to-cup! 

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Written By: Melanie Mock

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