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Featured December Teas



Season's greeTEAings! This month, save some more room for your holiday feasts by swapping out hot chocolate with a warm cup of tea! So snuggle up with your favorite Hallmark movie and get into the holiday spirit with some of our December favorites:



Chocolate lovers, this one is for you! A healthy hot chocolate alternative, this tea is mild yet tasty, packed with antioxidants, mood-boosting, and naturally caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it any time of day.

It is brought to us by MiCacao, a Veteran-owned small business specializing in Cacao Tea. The cacao bean is found inside the pulp of the cacao fruit, and is the raw ingredient for chocolate. Their cacao tea is produced from the shell, which is often discarded when chocolate is made. Just like the skin of a baked potato, the shell actually has more nutrients than the stuff on the inside! Cacao is rich in antioxidants (40x the amount in blueberries), and is caffeine-free yet has a mood-enhancing effect due to theobromine (caffeine’s calming younger brother).

MiCacao ethically sources their cacao, ensuring farmers receive fair wages, and provides them with an additional revenue stream, since cacao shells are usually discarded as waste. They also donate a portion of proceeds to organizations that help enrich the lives of veterans!

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winter citrus  

This herbal blend is the perfect treat to sip on next to a roaring fire, and adds some warmth to cold winter nights! It contains no caffeine and features tart cranberries, sweet orange and a touch of organic chamomile. A perfect treat for cold winter nights.

The Steeping Room is a neighbor of ours here in Austin, TX - they have a tea shop as well as a restaurant specializing in specialty teas, healthy food, catering and tea services. Their loose leaf teas have been hand-selected from around the world, and they also offer a variety of teaware and accessories perfect for the everyday cuppa as well as for special occasions or gifts.  

We love stopping by The Steeping Room for a pot of tea and a healthy, seasonal meal - and maybe a tea-infused pastry for dessert or a tea pairing! It's a place where you can connect with friends, relax, and expand your horizons with their wide selection of delicious teas.

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This month you may have received something in your Sips by box that’s very fitting for this time of year - two Turtle Doves! The 2017 Turtle Dove is a pressed white tea from Yunnan, China. It’s made with large leaf material, and is sun-dried, with no machine processing involved. Different than most white teas, it has a thick body, soft mouthfeel and unique fragrance. It’s very forgiving with any type of brewing - gongfu or western - and you can either drink it now or allow it to age.

This lovely tea is brought to us by white2tea, a company based in China and run by Paul Murray, who is originally from Wisconsin. Paul has spent years developing relationships with artisan tea farmers throughout Yunnan, developing his own unique blends, and designing his own labels. The names and designs of his teas are about as far from traditional as you can get, and bring a special appeal to the brand, making it fun and approachable for both new and more advanced tea drinkers.

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sparkling white  

This tea gets us in the mood to celebrate the New Year...or any moment, really :) The elegant blend of Chinese white tea, flowers and fruit pieces even leaves a sensation of fizz on the tongue.

Hoogly Tea was founded by Danish tea enthusiast Tina Gloggengieser, who creates unique and delicious tea blends using luxury ingredients, to bring a taste of her homeland to the UK and the rest of the world. “Hoogly” is how you pronounce the adjective form of “Hygge,” a concept that describes the experience or feeling of warmth, wellbeing and coziness. It is believed that the Danes’ preoccupation with Hygge is a reason why they are consistently voted one of the happiest nations!

Hoogly Tea’s indulgent and unique blends make us feel all warm and cozy inside, and inspire us to sip our tea in our fuzzy sweaters while lighting a few candles to embrace the relaxing Danish way of life. Some of you may have also received their Chill Out Mint this month (a delicious herbal mint blend with eucalyptus and pine needles!). We hope that Hoogly Tea brings a little hygge into your life!

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This holiday bonus sample went out in all of our December boxes as a gift from us and Pukka! It’s a unique blend of warming and invigorating herbs, such as cinnamon, ginger and clove. Elderflower and orange peel add some zest, and green tea and spearmint leaf boost vitality. A tea to drink throughout the day to maintain a healthy glow!

Pukka creates delicious organic herbal teas that help you on your journey to a healthier and happier life. ‘Pukka’ means authentic and it’s at the heart of everything they do. Created by co-founder and master herbsmith Sebastian Pole, the UK-based company only uses the finest grade organic herbs sustainably sourced and fairly traded. Their passion to connect people, plants and planet starts with a cup of delicious herbal tea. Pukka loves people all over the world to tune in to the power of plants and discover more about themselves.

We hope this bonus sample brings some warmth and vitality to you and a loved one - it makes a nice stocking-stuffer, too!

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