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Featured August Teas



Our featured teas for August include a delicious iced beverage popular in Thailand, a crisp, refreshing Darjeeling black tea, a fruity tisane inspired by a gemstone, a spiced green tea for chai lovers, and a citrusy blend with lemon myrtle. Read below to learn more about what we're sipping on this month, and be sure you're logged in to your MY SIPS profile to link over to our product pages to learn more. Don't have a MY SIPS profile? Create a free profile here to access special offers if you'd like to enjoy one of these featured teas yourself!




If you’ve been to Thailand or Thai food restaurants throughout the US, you’re probably familiar with Thai iced tea (or “Thai tea”), a perfect complement to hot weather and spicy food! With a strong black tea base, often spiced with ingredients like star anise and cardamom, Thai tea is traditionally iced and served sweetened with condensed milk.

Did you know that the signature deep orange color of Thai iced tea served in restaurants is usually attributed to artificial coloring? This organic version from Arbor Teas has no artificial colors or flavors - when milk is added, it will instead turn a lovely natural light brown. To recreate restaurant-style Thai tea, steep a double-strength cup of tea. Then sweeten the hot brew with sugar (or another sweetener of your choice, such as honey), and serve over ice. Glasses of Thai tea are usually topped with sweetened condensed milk, whole milk, half and half, or coconut milk. The final addition of milk usually rests on top of the ice cubes creating a beautiful layered effect in the glass!

Arbor Teas is a family-owned organic tea company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company was founded by Aubrey and Jeremy Lopatin in 2004. Their mission is to find the world’s most fantastic organic teas and deliver them to you as sustainably as possible! Arbor Teas is passionate about bringing high quality teas from garden to cup in the most sustainable way possible. Not only do they source all Organic teas (and Fair Trade Certified whenever available), they also work with Carbon Fund to offset carbon emissions in the transportation of their teas, have a solar-powered sustainable packaging facility, and use 100% backyard compostable packaging!

Click here to learn more about Organic Thai Iced Tea and access a special offer from Arbor Teas! You also may have received these teas from Arbor Teas in your August Sips by box: Organic Crimson Berry Fruit Tisane, Organic Ancient Green Tuo Cha Pu Erh, Organic Vietnam Nam Lanh Estate Black Tea, and Organic Korea Sejak Green Tea.

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A light, crisp First-Flush Darjeeling is one of our favorite black teas for the warmer weather! This one happens to come from Udyan Tea, a tea company based in Darjeeling itself.

The Darjeeling district in India is located on the edge of the Himalayan Mountains. Known as the “Champagne of Teas,” Darjeeling is softer and more herbaceous than most black teas, with a greenish-gold liquor. It is harvested in flushes that each produce tea with distinct characteristics. The First Flush (or Spring Flush) is generally harvested in March, after the spring monsoons. It is considered to be very high quality as the plants have just emerged from staying dormant throughout the winter, when they were able to build up high levels of nutrients and antioxidants.

Udyan Tea was conceptualized by budding entrepreneurs from Darjeeling, India, with a passion for tea. They were puzzled by the lack of consumer access to authentic, high-quality tea, and wanted to offer a better, tastier, fresher solution. Udyan Tea sources tea directly from the best gardens, and brings it directly to you by cutting out all middlemen, reducing the time between production and consumption. Every week, their expert tea tasters sample a variety of teas collected from different gardens and choose the top quality ones, making sure you brew only the best tea!

Click here to learn more about Darjeeling Spring Black Tea and access a special offer from Udyan Teas! You also may have received these teas from Udyan Teas in your August Sips by box: Lemongrass Tranquility Green Tea and Tropical Passion Iced Tea.

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Did you know that teas and herbs can have properties that are complementary to those of stones and minerals? Cherry Aventurine is a tisane inspired by red aventurine, a stone that has been said to clear negative energies while providing balance to the mind, body, heart and spirit. With the signature tartness of cherry, soft sweetness of apple, and the mellow flavor of blue cornflower, this blend is perfectly balanced and super refreshing!

Based in Hartford, CT, Ritual Earth Tea is a loose-leaf tea brand dedicated to the art of simple enjoyment - not just of tea, but of all the little things that surround us and make up our every day. It is currently a one-woman show, founded by Kristy Joyce, who designs and packages every single tea by hand! Kristy had always been interested in stones and minerals, and she loves creating teas based on things she loves. She discovered that the medicinal properties of herbs can be aligned with the properties of gems and minerals, and launched a crystal collection in which each kit pairs teas with semiprecious stones and gemstones found in Connecticut based on their properties!

Click here to learn more about Cherry Aventurine and access a special offer from Ritual Earth Tea! You also may have received their Garnet Chai in your August Sips by box.

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Chai lovers, this spiced green tea is a great alternative to the classic black tea-based chai to enjoy during the warmer months. Did you know that, according to Chinese medicine, black tea tends to be warming for the body, while green tea is cooling (even when consumed hot)? Spring Queen’s Spiced Tea from Dryad Tea is a mix of green tea, cinnamon, clove and cardamom - you can enjoy it hot or iced, and it’s lovely after a meal or any time of day.

    Dryad Tea was created in February 2012 by Rubiee, a tea aficionado who also loves music. She handcrafts unique blends inspired by music, mythology, works of literary art and general geekery. Dryad Tea also sells tea accessories, and Rubiee has created a beautiful line of ceramic art to pair with Dryad’s blends.

      Click here to learn more about Spring Queen's Spiced Tea and access a special offer from Dryad Tea! You also may have received Faerie Garden or Grimdark from Dryad Tea in your August Sips by box.

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      This simple blend of organic black tea and lemon myrtle leaves is truly delicious as a hot or iced treat. It’s as if there’s a lemon wedge perched on the edge of your cup!

      Lemon myrtle is a flowering plant that’s native to coastal regions of Australia. It’s a very versatile plant that can be used not only in cooking and tea blends to add a delicious natural lemony flavor, but also in aromatherapy, skincare products, and as a natural remedy for various health issues. It’s filled with antioxidants and has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and can help boost the immune system, too!

      Tea For Three  is all about being kind: (1) to our bodies, (2) to the earth, (3) to people around the world who help to grow and process our tea. That’s why all of their tea blends are made with organic and rainforest alliance certified ingredients, ensuring that they are processed in a sustainable and fair way. Their tea leaves, herbs and spices are sourced from various farms around the world and are then hand-blended in small batches in NYC.

      Click here to learn more about Lemon Wedge and access a special offer from Tea For Threel!

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      We hope you enjoy our featured August teas this month! If you prefer drinking your tea iced, you can either create a stronger hot brew (using 1.5-2x the normal amount of leaf) and then pour over ice, or you can cold-brew your tea, using no hot water at all! If you’re just getting started with cold-brewing, check out our step-by-step guide. For some fun recipes to make ice cold tea treats, go to your MY SIPS page!


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