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Featured August Teas


We've got you this August - from teas that will bring out your wild side, to ones that will help you wind down and relax before a beautiful sunset. Enjoy this last month of summer - and learn more about these delicious teas below!  


waykana guayusa

Find health, energy and balance with guayusa! Waykana is a company based in Ecuador that is on a mission to boost the world with organic, natural, and balanced energy from the Amazon. Guayusa is one of the three caffeinated hollies (along with yerba mate and yaupon) and has a long history among native tribes in Ecuador - they would gather as a community early in the morning, share some guayusa tea, plan for the day ahead and share their dreams from the night before.

Guayusa is great for people who are looking for a natural energy boost that will sustain them throughout the day, along with some amazing health benefits. Guayusa contains more caffeine than regular tea and yerba mate, yet doesn’t give you jitters or crash and has a smooth flavor with low tannin content. It also is very high in antioxidants!

Cacao is another superfood native to the Amazon that contains high levels of antioxidants and other beneficial phytonutrients. It has also been shown to help with physical endurance and performance. We love drinking Cacao Guayusa before a workout, or a long day of studying or working. As an added bonus, we hear that, after regular consumption, you might start to notice more vivid dreams!

We hope you’ll get a chance to try Cacao Guayusa or one of Waykana’s other teas - Original Green Guayusa and Chai Guayusa - in your upcoming #sipsbybox! If you don't have a free Sips by profile, set one up here to access a Waykana special brand offer!



nini tay tea  

One sip of this delicious organic tea blend is enough to make you go wild! This blend of high-grown Ceylon tea with wild blueberries, black currants, hibiscus, elderberries and corn flower petals is a perfect tea to wake up to. It also packs an antioxidant punch.

We are excited for you to try some of Tay Tea’s exclusive hand-blended artisanal teas. Tay Tea is based in New York and was founded by Nini Ordoubadi, who was born in Iran, where tea and hospitality are deeply rooted in the culture. Her family has blended tea for three generations, and she draws direct inspiration from the ancient tea rituals and ceremonies of the Middle East, Central Asia, North and South Africa, India and beyond.  

In addition to Wild Woman, Nini’s evocative line of hand-crafted tea blends also includes Berber (minty green tea) and A Day In Provence (floral and fruity rooibos blend), which some of you may receive in an upcoming #sipsbybox!

We encourage you to stop by Tay Tea if you’re ever in the Delhi, New York area, check your OFFERS page for a site-wide discount. If you don't have a free Sips by profile, set one up here to access a special offer from Tay Tea!




We hope you’re getting plenty of chances to relax and unwind this summer - and winding down with a cup of this herbal tea blend a great way to help you do that! This lovely blend - “Relax” - is made up of nourishing, calming and stress-fighting herbs. It’s one of Wilwand Tea Co’s “magical” wellness blends. Here are a few of the ingredients:

  • Valerian Root: naturally aids sleep, calms anxiety and can lower blood pressure
  • Passion Flower: may help manage anxiety, mild sleep irregularities, and stomach problems
  • Schisandra Berry: a medicinal berry used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its balancing effects and ability to help the body fight stress, among other benefits

We met Shannon Wilwand at World Tea Expo this year, and were drawn to her focus on the healing properties of tea and its ability to support physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Wilwand Tea Co is based in California and features wellness blends that are perfectly suited to nourish and support certain functions, helping you maintain optimum health and wellness! Their teas are ethically sourced and their passion is to enlighten others to the life-enhancing properties of tea and herbs.

We will be sampling Relax, along with Digest, Red Wellness, and Black Wellness, in upcoming boxes - check out our OFFERS page for a site-wide discount code. If you don't have a free Sips by profile, set one up here to access special brand offers!



red sunset  

This tea gets its name from its magnificent reddish-amber color and its warm flavor. Teabook’s Sunset Red is a red tea (known by many of us Westerners as “black tea”) from Fujian, China. It is a pure tea yet has aromas and flavors that remind us of soft buttery caramels and milk chocolate. Smooth and delicious, this is the epitome of a good quality red (black) tea.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Teabook was founded by Jeffrey McIntosh whose tumultuous early life was transformed after trying a cup of tea and journeying to China to study tea. He now wants everyone to experience the transformational powers of a cup of tea. Teabook partners with small family-owned tea farms and bring us the freshest, highest quality tea at an affordable price point. They work to combine the beauty of Chinese tea traditions with modern convenience.

We are excited for you to try some of Teabook’s delicious pure teas, including Sunset Red, Silver Needle (white tea), Shou Mei Aged White Tea, Green Tip, and Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) Ooolong. Look out for these in upcoming boxes, and check out our OFFERS page for a site-wide discount code to use on their website. If you don't have a free Sips by profile, set one up here to access special brand offers!



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