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Black-Owned Tea Companies To Support

Black-Owned Tea Brands at Sips by

Sips by is all about helping our members discover new teas they'll love. We want to share the amazing work of Black-owned tea brands. We have compiled them here as a resource in case you're looking to support more Black-owned tea brands. Discover a new Black-owned tea company you'll love.

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Black-Owned Tea Companies to Support


Sis Got Tea at Sips by

Around 2010, at Bellarmine University, in a lounge in one of the academic buildings, the founder of Sis Got Tea said out loud, at random, to her circle of close friends, "Hey...what if we opened a tea shop called LGBTea? Get it?" Her friends laughed. They brushed it off. But for some reason, the thought never left her mind.

As the owner went through the growing pains of being a black, queer woman in Louisville, KY, she realized something: the city of Louisville, KY, is lacking an explicitly safe, sober space for LGBTQ+ people. The LGBTQ+ community in Louisville, KY, is steeped in bars and alcohol-centric venues that currently do not cater to those who do not and/or cannot consume alcohol and do not serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people. After quitting a job with no backup plan almost ten years after daydreaming of LGBTea, the owner thought, "I think this is my time." And so Sis Got Tea was born.

Sis Got Tea: Black Brewed. Queer Approved. Try their premium tea blends today!


Golden Flourish Tea at Sips by

Racheal, the founder of Golden Flourish, is a Brooklyn born, Caribbean self care advisor. She grew up in a Jamaican household where the women in her family were constantly doing for others and neglecting their own self care. She realized she was doing the same thing. So, she knows what it’s like trying to incorporate more self care into your existing lifestyle, but not knowing where to start.

Racheal founded Golden Flourish as a holistic wellness space with a Caribbean vibe that provides you the ability to incorporate effortless self-care routines into your existing lifestyle.

Boost your self care with Golden Flourish's handcrafted organic teas!


Umami Tea at Sips by

Umami Tea was founded in 2008 by a tea enthusiast who combined her passion for premium loose leaf tea with her dream of someday owning a business. In six short years, Umami has managed to successfully sell its products to local tea lovers in the Richmond, Virginia area as well as nationwide with an online store.

Umami Gourmet Coffee and Exotic Tea offers specialty loose-leaf teas. Their exclusive blends are of premium quality and include white teas, black teas, oolong teas, green teas, fruit, herbal and rooibos teas.

Explore Umami's specialty gourmet loose leaf teas today!


The Irie Cup Tea at Sips by

The Irie Cup is a family-owned and operated company by husband-and-wife team Joseph and Lashanda Lewis. They have always had an affinity for tea for as long as they both could remember. In 2016, they endeavored to share what they have always known with their friends and communities. This year, their dream of sharing their culture has become reality.

Discover The Irie Cup's premium whole leaf tea blends!


Steep & Sip at Sips by

Steep & Sip offers organic loose leaf teas that have health and wellness benefits without compromising flavor. Their teas not only taste delicious but each tea is crafted to assist with certain ailments. From boosting the immune system to aiding with sleep, all of their teas will make you feel better than you did before you took a sip.

Steep & Sip believes in reaping the health benefits of the natural herbs the good Earth gave us. They are dedicated to educating people about ways they can use their teas to heal their bodies and warm their souls. Steep & Sip is more than tea, it is Tea with a Purpose!

Explore Steep & Sip's collection of organic loose leaf teas today!


MentaliTEAS at Sips by MentaliTEAS at Sips by

MentaliTEAS is all about doing its part in enabling mass mental heath solutions and believe a tea drinking society is an improved society. They are innovators in supplying superb specialty teas, and herbal blends packed with the essence of spirituality, enlightenment, and natures wisdom.

MentaliTEAS wants the world to know that their company exists to ensure that herbal brews enhance and promote your mentalitea - it's as simple as that.


TeaFèy Infusions at Sips by

In 2013, while studying for her Master of Science in Acupuncture, Walda was inspired by her Haitian roots to create TeaFèy Infusions. Her goal was simple — create a brand that would not only taste good but be beneficial to the body and soul.

“Growing up my grandmothers and mother reached for dried plants also known as ‘Fèy’ to treat ailments from a common cold to high blood pressure. Usually, before turning to over the counter remedies, we would always go into our herbal medicine cabinet and would suffer through the sometimes awful tasting concoctions and infusions”, explains Walda.

Walda wants you to not only fall in love with TeaFèy, but also with the nourishing magic of plant botanicals safely in your everyday experiences by creating and cultivating rituals to truly self-care.


Um'Licious Me Teas & Brews at Sips by

Um'Licious Me is a female and Black-owned company based in Los Angeles, CA with the mission to bring customers tasty, healthy, and guiltless pleasures in the form of tea and coffee. Born from a love of tea as a beverage and recipe ingredient, they carry a variety of premium loose leaf tea blends, herbal coffee, and flavored coffee beans.

Try Um'Licious Me's premium loose leaf tea blends today!


Mother Nurture Wellness Tea at Sips by

Mother Nurture Wellness is a brand focused on well-being and self-care with loose-leaf teas that promote optimal health benefits without sacrificing taste! They focus on nurturing both the body and mind for a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Their unique blends include the best ingredients and are crafted for any occasion - a day at the office, a self-care day, a vacation, or a celebration! Mother Nurture Wellness is not simply a tea company, but an overall wellness company that strives to nurture one's overall physical and mental health - Made By Mother Nature To Nurture!


Shari's Tea at Sips by

Shari's Tea is a boutique tea company that prides itself on providing convenience to loose leaf tea drinking. Founded in 2019, Shari's Tea has grown to become a premier tea company.


Joseph's Tea at Sips by

Joseph’s Tea is a Tea Room and Shop offering teas made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients: you can see, smell, and taste the difference! Founders Guerby and Shannon opened their first Tea Room and Shop in Clearwater, Florida in 2021. Two hard-working entrepreneurs from New York City, Guerby and Shannon met while running their own businesses and looking for their soulmates. They found everything they were searching for in each other, fell in love, and began to work together on their passion projects.

Joseph’s Tea represents the couple's commitment to healthy living, wellness, and community. Their online tea shop highlights a carefully curated selection of delicious, high-quality teas meant for sharing a special moment of reflection or chatting with a friend!

Discover healthy and delicious blends from Joseph's Tea today!


Cup'ital Tea at Sips by

Cup’ital Tea is a Black woman-owned tea brand offering specially handcrafted loose leaf tea and herbal tea blend. They are fascinated by tea, its varied tastes and flavors, and immense benefits to the body. This is why their tea is blended with love and care to offer you premium quality tea.

What sets Cup'ital Tea apart from competitors is that their teas have minimal flavorings and contain only natural ingredients. They maintain a strong dedication to empowering people to lead healthier lives and source only the highest quality ingredients. Through their love for tea, they help others to discover and share fun-filled experiences over a cup of great tasting tea.


Aesthete Tea

Aesthete Tea is a Womxn, QPOC owned organic loose leaf tea and herbal blend brand, based in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Briana Thornton in 2017, Aesthete Tea maintains a strong mission to know their farmers and source from individuals and collectives that share the same values in quality, ethics and health. Unique to Aesthete, the brand’s proprietary tea and herbal blends are created by Herbalist, Maggie Cassidy, who happens to be the Founder’s mother.

Shop Aesthete Tea's loose leaf tea and herbal blends!


jayida che

Aleathia and Mariyah are the aunty-niece duo behind Jayida Ché Herbal Tea Spot. Jayida Ché, which means good tea, began with love, care, and passion. In each organic and fair trade loose leaf tea they blend, they invite drinkers into their communi-tea and family.

Explore Jayida Ché's organic in-house blended teas full of flavor and benefits!


Shantea Thyme at Sips by

Shantea Thyme was founded in 2017 and specializes in high-quality and all-natural teas from different parts of the world. Their specialty loose leaf blends are all natural, all the thyme.


the tespa

Founder Alexis Jones is a jill-of-all-trades with a background in culinary arts. Her love for food was inspired by her grandmother whom would cook every night for their family, and her father whom tended their garden and made cooking fun with his at home cooking competitions.

Art and giving back to the community are qualities that have been instilled in Alexis at a young age. These values have always emerged in her work outside of tending to her own garden and developing products for TéSpa.

The premise of TheTéSpa has always remained the same even when it was merely just a garden of leafy green herbs: "Give and create beauty, be healthy and kind."


Marabette and Co

Founder Marla Lacey started MaraBette & Co Tea & Hospitality in 2016 with the belief there is no truer and more symbolic act of hospitality than taking or sharing tea with someone. Each of their tea names reflects the joy of family, friends, home, or gathering and invites you to open your heart and share in a cup.


Eldo Tea at Sips by

Eldo Tea, co-founded by Collins Sainna and Caroline Tormoi, is a social business that supports farmers and wants to enable the economic growth of their County: Nandi. They advocate for the health benefits brought by their premium quality, 100% Kenyan teas. Eldo Tea values quality, consistency, sustainability, and authenticity.

They work with over 3,000 smallholder farmers and are proud of the African origin of their products handled from the farming to the distribution phase by Kenyans only. As a social enterprise in the agribusiness value chain based in Nandi County, Kenya, they are on a mission to bring Kenyan specialty tea to the world under the Eldo Tea brand.


Tranquilo Teas

Tranquilo Teas started on Sunday afternoon with founder Diana's grandma and her beautiful tea cups. They sat around the table in the late afternoons talking about everything and everyone all in the name of love and peace.

Throughout their travels, they witnessed different cultures experiencing tea the same way they did on Sunday afternoons. They hope to bring the world's finest teas to your doorstep, you too will experience with each sip love and peace. So breathe and tranquilo (relax).

Learn more about Tranquilo Teas and their Creamy Orange Lapacho here.



Modestine values the expansive, generative power of aligned feminine energy and the life-changing magic of big vision with the belief that there is enough success and magic to go around. They are sincere and truthful in their expressions and intentions and honor the truth of everyone around them - from the hard and heavy to the radiantly joyful.

Modestine comes to you through generations of Master Tea Crafters. Their blends are created using sacred healing knowledge from ancestors who understood the connection between earth and its inhabitants.

Learn more about Modestine and their Caramel Comfort Tea here. 


Tea Please Tea at Sips by

Tea Please is a dessert-flavored loose leaf tea company. It is perfect for those watching their sugar intake, but still wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth. Crafted with your taste buds in mind; Tea Please is for the tea connoisseur, the new tea drinker and those who just want a sip of the good stuff. Go on ahead, treat yourself. Their motto? Go on ahead, treat yourself.



Sisters and tea lovers Kristina and Erin's started Kewiteas with a vision to share their love for tea, and passion for holistic wellness. After growing up in a home where there was always tea around, they took that tradition and now create their own specialty loose leaf teas.


Oya Tea

Oya Tea Co. believes in premium herbs and teas that can enhance your quality of life. From increasing peace of mind to decreasing muscular aches and pains, our unique blends were formulated for calming life's storms. Oya brings a taste of the Africa with teas sourced from Kenya and Malawi, and they incorporate ingredients from the African Diaspora.



Adornleaf Tea Co. has got your back with great-tasting blends that are thoughtfully crafted with loving intention. These teas are naturally full of antioxidants, vitamins, and healing compounds that have been healing humans across cultures for centuries.


Yes Darling Tea

Kareema Riddick, the founder of Yes Darling Tea has been a tea lover since she was a little girl. She has cherished fond memories of drinking tea with her paternal grandmother Alberta, maternal grandmother Ida, and her Aunt Edna.

Fast forward years later, and she's still in love with tea! Suffering from insomnia and anxiety over the years led her to start studying herbs/spices, and how to use them as an alternative to taking medications. A combination of her studies and love for tea inspired Kareema to start Yes Darling Tea. She believes that the perfect cup of tea is way more than just a beverage, it can be a soothing and healing experience.


Just Add Honey

Just Add Honey tea is a sophisticated twist on a Southern tea tradition. It was created by a tea lover who wanted to enjoy tea and knew that there was more out there. Their ingredients are all natural, pure, and easily recognized. Nothing is changed or altered. Their mission is to bring thoughtfully blended teas to your doorstep.


Andrelle's Natural Skin Care

Andrelle's Natural Skin Care is a brand handcrafted by a Clinical Herbalist. They also have their own special line of beauty teas to compliment their skin care products!


Deeply Rooted

Founder Aquinas Early believes in the natural health and healing properties of tea.

The Deeply Rooted Teas brand is deeply rooted in culture, community and promoting the awesome health benefits tea has to offer.


Kay Teas and Herb Co

Kay Teas & Herb Co is a family-owned company based in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Founder Katie Black started the company in June of 2019 with the strong believe that people should have holistic health options. Their mission remains to educate, promote self care, and encourage herbal healing. 


Roots Holistic

The intention behind Roots Holistic is to build community around holistic and mindful living, whether it’s through Roots Tea Blends, or through mindfulness, meditation and movement. Each of their Tea Blends are handcrafted with the intention to calm the mind, settle the body and soothe the soul.


Good Thoughts Tea Co

Started in 2014 by Ebone’ McCloud, Good Thoughts Tea Co is located in and operates from Chicago. They are an all natural loose leaf tea company centered around the healing properties of herbs. Their main goal is to help heal from the inside out all while reawakening the conversation and experience of tea.

'I want to create a story with my teas-a new play on the conversations we have with and around our daily drink. Bringing back the knowingness that things like Sunday afternoons are meant for storytelling, sharing smiles and sipping a cup of freshly steeped tea,' -ELM


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Sips by is all about helping our members discover new teas they'll love. We want to use this platform to amplify Black voices and share amazing tea from Black-owned brands. Looking to support a Black-owned tea company? Try some of these delicious teas. And try more Black-owned tea brands in our Black-Owned Tea Brands Box.

Interested in trying these teas and others? Subscribers receive 4 teas chosen just for them in every box. Learn more about our tea subscription box or explore the loose leaf tea shop.

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