Best Tea for Chocolate Lovers

best tea for chocolate lovers

Fact: chocolate automatically makes anything and everything better. Over 90% of people in the world like to eat chocolate, but it’s our favorite because it’s an instant cure for a bad mood or stressful day. The best part about it seems to be that there’s no limit on chocolate’s talents because it’s delicious in all kinds of mouthwatering forms. You can snack on chocolate covered nuts and fruits, indulge in creamy truffles, bars, cakes, and ice cream, and even eat chocolate covered bacon for breakfast. But did you know that you can drink chocolate in your tea?

Chocolate tea isn’t a new invention, but it is a highly underrated and unexpected chocolate treat—and it’s the perfect way to unite tea and chocolate lovers. Even if you’ve known about this magical concoction for a long time, it can be difficult to find the best chocolate teas out there, so we narrowed it down to eight of the most indulgent and delectable chocolate tea combinations that will make any moment feel special.

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These top-rated teas crafted with cacao beans, chocolate shavings, and natural chocolate flavor are sure to please the chocoholics and tea aficionados who sip on them. Warning: you will get sent into a delicious chocolate stupor.


organic chocolate dreams

Price: From $8

Chocolate Dreams merges the subtle taste of chocolate from organic cocoa nibs with a lightly floral and minty taste, thanks to the organic rose petals and peppermint. To round it out, the caffeine-free red rooibos adds a touch of sweetness and it’s like floating on a chocolate cloud. The perfect drink when you need a little indulgence for yourself or a special gift for someone else.



Price: $14

Tea Drops strikes again with a magical tea combo - they blended organic raw cocoa powder and a classic organic earl grey tea to create a rich, chocolaty, and creamy Chocolate Earl Grey tea drop without the heaviness. Try adding a touch of cream for the perfect cuppa.



chocolate chicory roasted herbal tea

Price: $7

Maca Chocolaté is an inspired beverage of the New World that combines traditional superfoods from the Incas, the Maya, and the Aztecs. Maca, ramón, cocoa and chilies provide just the right amount of stimulation for a fully energized day, without the caffeine crash.



chocolate mint oolong tea  

Price: $5

Name a more iconic duo than chocolate and mint. We bet it’ll take you oolong time to think of one. If you want a delicious hot cuppa while you’re mulling it over, try this smooth, bold Chocolate Mint Oolong dessert tea with virtually no calories. This blend brews true-to-its-name, and the chocolaty mint flavors are incredibly balanced to bring you a guiltless treat. Want an even more luxurious flavor? Add some milk or cream to your brew to make this already decadent chocolate tea even richer.



cacao tea

Price: $17

Still can’t get enough chocolate? We’ll give you a tea solution — MiCacao's loose-leaf Cacao Tea is a 100% organic cacao-based small-batch tea made purely from the shell of the cacao bean with organic cacao nibs. MiCacao sources their cacao from co-op farms in South America which operate in accordance with the highest standards of quality.


dark chocolate cookie  

Price: From $15

This black tea blend with real cocoa bits and coriander is like enjoying the ooey-gooey decadence of a Dark Chocolate Cookie—enjoy on its own or make it into a scrumptious latte with your favorite milk.



organic moringa herbal tea

Price: $8

Miracle Tree's Organic Chocolate Moringa superfood tea is an innovative infusion which results in a velvety and smooth natural chocolate taste and moringa’s oleifera nutrients. This tea is caffeine-free so it can be enjoyed any time of day or night.


Dark Chocolate Prebiotic superboast herbal tea  

Price: $10

Dark Chocolate Prebiotic Superboost Herbal Tea by Teeccino is a truly unique elixir. This tea combines layer upon layer of rich dark chocolate from Ecuadorian cacao and is deepened by dark roasted ramón seeds for a heightened experience of the Aztec’s ‘Nectar of the Gods’. The prebiotics in this chocolatey caffeine-free blend nourishes your probiotics, benefit the microflora that improves gut health, maintain regularity, and support your immune system.



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